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Anyone keen to lend a hand - NOR?

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  • Anyone keen to lend a hand - NOR?

    Hey guys,

    Clutch cable on my R6 snapped last night, just paid $75 for a new one but a had some tools stolen a while back, so I'm short on some screwdrivers/hammers etc.

    Wondering if anyone could lend me tools and possibly a hand changing the clutch cable? It's a 99 model R6, and im located in ballajura.

    My mum just got out from a hospital op and I'm in between houses (mine and hers) keeping an eye on her, but now I can't so need it fixed ASAP

    Would kindly appreciate any help.

    Kind Regards,

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    I'd gladly take a hammer to a R6...
    Just Kidding.

    If it's just some basic spanners, pliers and screwdrivers I can drop by for an hour or so.

    PM me your addy and number.
    I'll roll by on the bike.
    Riding - Living the dream...


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      give me a yell if you need anything ive got sam

      Straightline2ten your motorcycle and motor car repairer for smash repairs

      insurance or private work, plastic welding,resprays, restoration and classics

      dianella 93703770


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        Didn't I just offer you tools from just around the corner yesterday?
        Please, call me Flash...


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          If you bought it new, make sure you lube the cable first as they ship dry.


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            Uh, I'll buy some lube then!

            All fixed. Huge thanks to Sam for coming out and fixing it for me. I really appreciate it!


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              if you are short on cash, some inox will do the trick for the short term, otherwise about 10-15$ for proper lube and $10-$15 for the little clamp that allows you to feed the lube down the cable. You'll probably need to take one end off to do it.