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Fixed my bike... :)

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  • Fixed my bike... :)

    Well, fixed the new (unregoed) bike anyways, a GPX 250 1999. New fuses (one had blown and was affecting turn signals), new battery, new oil, new filter, new coolant, new rear plate bulb, swapped a 2000 radiator onto it in the process. Swapped the front wheel over from the other bike. Running quite sweet at the moment. I'm also going to put in 2 of the Iridium plugs I have now. Tired of pulling tanks on and off to get at plugs though.

    Everything looks good, runs well, starts easy. Front and back brakes are solid.

    Test rode it (no not on the road) today and felt good. So she should be ready to go over the pits, and be re-registered.

    The old 2000 GPX 250 that failed on the country run is still in it's same state pretty much, topped up the oil, tried various things with the plugs, checked gap, checked fuel etc. they spark, but the right cylinder is gone I'd say. Can get the bike started on one cylinder. That engine will have to be pulled out at a later stage and repaired. Popped a near new standard exhaust on the left hand side, learnt a few important lessons along the way. Needs a new front tyre also.

    Next license test will be in about 2-3 weeks. I will probably use an instructor's bike for that though, as this bike is still a bit of an unknown, and I don't want to get pinged for anything bike related.

    May need the help of a shadow to get the bike over the pits. Have to get a movement permit first also though. Ugh.

    Anyway. Some progress.