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  • New bike squeek

    Hi all!

    I'm pretty new to bikes and am going for my licence soon.

    Anyway, I just bought a brand new Ninja 250R and noticed that there is a squeeky sound that seems to be coming from the fuel tank. When it starts making the noise it's is kinda regular and when I open the tank and close it again, it stops for a good while.

    I thought it might be like a pressure thing having something to do with the tank and being new.

    Is this a common thing or should I be doing something about it?


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    Its really common on the new 250 Ninja's.
    Fuel tank breather valve.
    To stop it you can drill it out if you like, or just live with it. There are a few threads already started on it.


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      Kawasaki whistle...

      Wait till summer then you'll really hear it...


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        Most of the new ninjas do that, make a lil hissn noise, nothn to worry about.

        There are even some threads on it layn around somewhere

        [/QUOTE]There are a few threads already started on it.[/QUOTE] beatn like a catholic school boy!
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          the new ninja,s always seem to have a squeaky glove box lid :mellow:


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            When I'm working on my gpx in the sun it does that as the tank heats up, its nothing to worry about.


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              Yup, I noticed my new bike does it when I was washing it the other day.

              Note: do not open tank when making hissing noise; fuel pisses everywhere


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                ye my ninja talks to me too....
                Our Father, Who art at Phillip Island, Hallowed be thy name
                Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done
                In the backroads as it is on the freeway
                Give us this day our high-octane premium fuel
                And forgive us our lanesplitting
                As we forgive the four wheel drives, the volvos and the taxis
                And lead us not into gravel corners
                But deliver us from hand-held radars
                For thine is thy leather, thy denim, thy Gore-Tex and thy Kevlar
                Amen ORIGINAL POST BY DEB


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                  Check the canary valve.


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                    Ok, so nothing to worry about?
                    Is it common among all bikes or just some?

                    Originally posted by Satan1 View Post
                    Check the canary valve.
                    What is the canary valve? (Or is that a joke?)


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                      Common on this bike, mates brand new zx2 does exactly the same thing, dont worry about it.


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                        No, it's not common on all bikes. I've heard of a few that do it... The Ninja250Rs seem to be worse than most for it...


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                          Yup, its the kawasaki fuel tank whine.

                          Kwakkas have had it for over 20 years, there's a fix for it apparently (google it if you feel like it); you'd think they would have rectified that design fault by now.

                          Its harmless though... (my zzr used to do it as well, from new).
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                            yeah my ninja 250r does it too. I did the research and found a fix for it where you have to drill out the breather hole in the fuel cap to a larger size... didnt work, just made the whistle more high pitched now i just put up with it



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                              Install minature blow-off-valve. B.O.V. for Pssht! noise.