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  • Unbelievabel but true?

    So i found this site just then : Closeout prices on Alpinestars Dyno Leather Jackets

    Looks real, sounds real, but heck those are some cheap prices - whatcha reckon? Could pick up an alpinestar jacket for less than $300 new!

    Am I missing something?

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    It is a closeout... they are just getting rid of stock, no more to it.

    I picked this alpinestar barcelona (normal American retail 400$) for 140$ american. All up to 180 australian $.

    pretty good eh?


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      Heck yeh, nice bargain.

      I guess the credit crunch in US is good for us eh?


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        Dunno if it really is ''credit'' crunch related... Businesses always liquidate old stock in closeouts to get them out of the door quickly and ''move on''. I don't know this shop but I got my jacket from and apparently they actually bought the Barcelona jackets at a ridiculous price straight from Alpinestars and sold them for 140$ so they probably got them for less than 100$ directly from alpinestars.


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          Ahh good find then.

          Just purchased one of the jackets - will see what happens. Worst comes to worst I have insurance on the purchases through that card.


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            Hey mate can you let me know how you go with this as I will probably get one if they are good.
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              Hey mate! Generally in the US, they massively discount old season stock. Especially when they're running low and just want to clear it out. It's legit. I bought a Teknic leather jacket for $150US instead of the $550ish they go for here, and an A* wet weather jacket for $150US as well. The only thing that hurts is the postage (generally hits you for $70-$100 US), so I try and wait till I have a couple of things to order.

              Another website to try is New Enough Motorcycle Apparel sells motorcycle jackets, pants and suits, boots, gloves, helmets, etc :: New Enough, LTD. It's all brand new stock, just last season's designs. They've generally got quite a big closeouts section (also an awesome site for checking out photos/fit of gear you're interested in). Also, do good closeouts from time to time.
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                Originally posted by Wilson View Post
                ). Also, do good closeouts from time to time.

                Just got a jacket from here. Very good service, answered all my questions. Full tracking of gear (it left Chicago at 2:03 this morning). Hopefully have it next week.
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                  Unbelievabel indead


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                    Some cheap Technik suits in there as well.
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                      Yeah, for sure. If/when it's 1pce time, I'm almost certainly hitting STG up for a Violator suit.

                      I also like their video reviews, and the extra little bit of effort they put in. So I feel good about giving them my money (as much as one can feel good about their money leaving them).
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                        i nearly bought some alpine street boots/shoes, on sale for $49...bargain....go to checkout...$60 postage


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                          Originally posted by Bendito View Post
                          Unbelievabel indead
                          Haha dislesxcixcx i was last nite. Damned fingers not obeying brain control.

                          Ordered a jacket through em, have yet to hear from them via email, but I'll give it some time. Looks pretty kosher, meh, time will tell.

                          Cheers for the websites too Wilson - thanks for supporting my spending addiction!


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                            Does anyone else knows sites that regularly do "closeout" sales? If so then post them up, im in the market for a bargain!


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                     does closeouts.
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