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My Aquila, the good and the bad.

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  • My Aquila, the good and the bad.

    I bought my 2nd hand Hyosung Aquila about 3 months ago now, and what with 6 or so weeks off riding due to my back, finally clocked up a couple of thousand ks, so I thought I might write a review. Sure, most of you won't be interested and will just take the piss, but I am happy to amuse the simple minded reader. And maybe it just might help someone in their search.

    So, I bought her with 3500kms on the clock, for $7700. Excellent condition at the time (as to be expected I guess). I test rode a Honda shadow at the same shop which had about 10000kms on the clock and from memory was a few hundred bucks dearer. Two main reasons I chose the Hyosung are the looks, which I know most don't like, but I love, and the power. And I know it doesn't have that much power, but it IS a 650cc cruiser. It did however have a lot more go than the Shadow.

    I found the forward controls a bit weird to start with (my old Honda 200 Shadow had the controls much further back), but am now finding I like the fit. Most ks in a day is 565, and the seat was fantastically comfortable, the bars come back perfectly to my arms, and I reckon I could do a lot more in a day and still walk.

    I ride almost every day 30ks each way to work, mainly on Armadale Rd, all weathers. The bike handles well, power to weight is pretty good for what it is. Bit of a problem is the power to height (like all cruisers I guess). First time I got my heel down on a corner (or a long sweeping curve as sports riders would probably call it) was a bit hairy, but getting used to how fast I can go and how far it can lean.

    Top speed is in the definitely capable of losing your licence and vehicle in a 110 zone, fast enough to make the local news if you were caught flat out, probably not fast enough to make national news.

    So what don't I like about it?

    The mirrors, while nice and big and round and offering a fantastic view of the road (rather than my shoulders like on my Shadow), are to put it bluntly, made out of shiny shit, the reflective surface is peeling already, will have to see about replacing them under warranty, or better yet, ripping them off and getting a better looking after market set.

    Not sure how long the fancy digital speedo etc will last, but more riding will tell.

    Doesn't start first go in any weather like the old Honda did after 35000kms, but I was spoiled back then.

    Stupid bloody shiny metal bracket with shiny metal bolt at the back of the BLACK seat, attaching it to the BLACK rear mudguard??? Why couldn't it have been a black bracket and bolt? (And yes, I will just fix this myself with a little black enamel paint and a new black bolt.)

    Like I said, its only 2000kms, and a lot more will show up a lot more things. Got a 8 day ride throughout the south coming up in September, have to see if anything falls off then.

    Oh, and before anyone asks if I would have preferred the 2010 EFI version, I have no mechanical knowledge and don't have a clue what difference it would make. I like mine cos its black and red and shiny, mmk?

    So, fire away .....
    Come back Jeremy, it was only a joke.

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    OK, I'll start the flaming:

    You purchased a bike knowing what it was, and it has lived up to your expectations!
    You don't even suffer from rampant fanboyism, and can identify things you don't like about your bike.
    You write honest and informative posts on the internet.

    I'm disgusted! How are we meant to engage in a futile battle over how much your bike does or does not suck?

    Nice work mate, we need more posts like yours
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      30th anniversary version. Sorry for the bad image. Bike looks pretty good and the seat def looks comfy.


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        nice review - cant argue about being swayed by the looks. i think its a fairly purty cruiser if you ask me...

        havent heard one before. what's it sound like?
        "Faster, faster until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death." - Hunter S. Thompson.


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          Ahh, the sound. It's pretty decent actually, mainly because the Anniversary special comes with the 'sports' exhaust. And the one I have has a plain chrome muffler, not the black covered one (not sure if thats an Australia thing, will have to have a look at another one when I see one.

          Oh, and I forgot, the brakes. Twin disk front, single on the rear. How come they can do this but the Shadow has a single disk front and drum rear? And hollow hub wheels to reduce weight.

          And yeah Barfridge, I need to get off the internet, seems I am doing it wrong eh?

          And I guess I really should stop being a loner and get out for a group ride so everyone can poke sticks at her and make disparaging comments in person.
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          Come back Jeremy, it was only a joke.


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            Originally posted by thegraeman View Post
            And I guess I really should stop being a loner and get out for a group ride so everyone can poke sticks at her and make disparaging comments in person.
            Sounds like a plan. I'll even buy you a beer while we rubbish your bike
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              I'm glad you are happy with it.
              Personally (and no slight intended on your personal preferences), I reckon they look simply awful.
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                Originally posted by barfridge View Post
                I'm disgusted! How are we meant to engage in a futile battle over how much your bike does or does not suck?
                Learn to troll, Mr. Fridge. Just call his sexuality into question and remind him that opinions are not subjective, his is merely wrong.

                Cheers for a good write up, thegraeman.

                As an end user, the main benefit of EFI is having the bike start first time even in the cold, rather than attempting trick it into playing nice.


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                  dont look too bad for a cruiser at all


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                    I could thrill you all with tales of how fast I got it once on an obviously totally secure off the public road surface, but no one would believe me. Flights of fancy and all that. Sigh, I shall have to keep the thrill to myself.
                    Come back Jeremy, it was only a joke.


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                      I had a Aquila 250 before I got my current ride. Was planning on getting a Aquila 650, but then, the one that was available to me back then had a problem with the speedo and electrics in general. So, I just decided to buy something which didn't need any fixing after purchase and I'm very happy with what I have. But yeah, the Aquila 650 is a great looking bike and also slightly different as compared to the rest of the Cruisers given the fact that its got very little shiny bits.


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                        I was actually thinking of buying one and modifying it somewhat similar to the one below-----


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                          I reckon the aquila looks quite alright... though that Digital speedo just doesn't belong there.


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                            I don't mind the look of the bike, and i am not a cruiser fan. I think the bike is value for money. If it takes you from and to work without problems, it does it's job. Great review mate!
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                              Well Klara and I are now planning our 8 day south west tour. Have to see how things go. I give her more credit for planning to do this on her GPX 250 than myself on my mobile armchair. Still, should have some feedback after that.

                              Oh and I have to agree about the speedo, I like the position, so much easier to view than on the tank, but if I was modding it like that pic above, the speedo would be the first thing to go, replaced with a handlebar mounted old school analogue one. (not sure if that would be possible, but would improve the look no end)
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                              Come back Jeremy, it was only a joke.