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  • sidecar wanted

    Before the flames start i know this is a weird request but an old timer at work is looking for a sidecar to do up as a project, either complete or just the framework (or even just the suspension setup) to couple up to one of his fleet.
    He his not computer savvy and so far my net searches for him have come up with a few mobs over east but nothing on our west coast.
    Anyone know of someone who has a brother who has one for sale???
    Any clues as to where to look would be greatly appreciated.
    Cheers all...

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    There's a group over here who all have sidecars/classics... I imagine they'd know where to get such things... I just can't think of their name at the moment... Ulysses would probably be another place to ask, though.


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      Good luck I been chasing one for awhile now myself
      the name is Trevor like me to spell it for you

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      Nobody is getting anywhere near my 'donut'. Not while my heart still beats.