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Zipper in textile pant

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  • Zipper in textile pant

    The zipper in my textile pants (Rjays Voyager 2) has pooped itself.

    Can't complain as they are almost 2 years old and have endured quite a bit of use.

    I'm wondering if anyone knows of a place that can replace the zipper as there is nothing else wrong with the pants. If they are located on the south side of the river that would be even better


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    Reid's bootmakers do a lot of leather stuff, they could probably do that too. Basinhall street, vic park.
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      Thought I'd just post up that I have had the pants fixed.
      I didn't end up going to Rieds

      There is a little shop in Rocko city that I went to.
      Name of the shop is Looksmart alterations. Ph - 9528 5155
      If you go through the door that faces Read street they are on the right just past the cafe. They look to have heaps of sewing type stuff in there.

      They put a metal zipper and total cost was $30
      Having a close look at the work it seams to be pretty good.

      Duno what other work they can do but the lady I spoke to (who did the work) said she has done heaps of motorbike gear for her son so it can't hurt to ask.

      Just another option for those SOR I guess.
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