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Dririder Nordic Boots Question

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  • Dririder Nordic Boots Question

    Hi there psb members .

    I am planning on getting some motorcycle boots for the bike for added safety, Just wondering if anyone has the Dririder Nordic Boots. I what to know there pros and cons. Also where is the best place to buy the boots from i have found them on the internet for $189 it that expensive or cheap. Or if there are any other boots within a $200 budget

    Cheers Simon
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    Try KazMaz in River Rd Kelmscott, good leather riding boots at about $150
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      yeah got a pair, they're ok, mine have proven to be warm acceptably dry and pretty comfy. Have ridden all thru the last couple of months to work and commute and have only had slight moisture thru to toes on right boot.
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        I bought a set of Dririder boots a few years ago, and I'm sad to say they leaked water from the first time I rode with them in the rain. Whilst they were good, comfy, wear 'em all day boots, dri they were not.
        I ended up getting a pair of A-stars GPS3's, which cost about 300 bucks but feet are always warm and dry.
        I believe Berik make a similar styled wet weather bike boot for about 240 bucks.
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          Have had a pair for two years. They're nice and waterproof, warm in summer dry in winter and all that poppycock.

          However, have had an issue of glue degrading...
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            Hey Simon, Try the Sidi Way Tempor boots, they are similar style to the dririders, but nicer leather and much more comfortable, they retail for 299 but you should be able to get them for 230... I did



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              Where bouts was that Steve?


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                Thanks for the feedback people I have just order a pair of dririder Nordic ones for $130 on the internet. But when i get them i will spray them with sciclone spray to make them waterproof.


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                  had to take the first pair back coz the stiching at the back came apart

                  The replacement pair lasted less than 18mths before both boots had issues around the toes, ungluing and leaking long before i gave up on them.

                  all in all a bit disapointing