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Speedos - Digital vs Analogue

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  • Speedos - Digital vs Analogue

    Which do you prefer the look of? And why do bikes seem to be heading toward a trend to needle tacho, digi speedo? Space saving? Fashion? Or am I just plain wrong?

    Personally I like two dials, kinda like the speedo's chasing the tacho.

    And yeah, I know, ITT, Drag asks the important questions in life. But there have been more frivolous threads, I'm sure of it.
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    I like the look of digital but I'm quicker to recognise what speed I'm doing with analogue.


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      Analogue ftw. Theres a reason they stopped putting digital ones in cars, don't know why they persist with bikes now
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        Originally posted by pley3r View Post
        Analogue ftw. Theres a reason they stopped putting digital ones in cars, don't know why they persist with bikes now
        Coz i like seeing 299 in numbers.
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          Originally posted by Yagadan View Post
          Coz i like seeing 299 in numbers.
          And then telling the cops it's not your fault something was covering the two.


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            Both exist purely for giving the rider information, and the trends you've observed are logical when you think about it;

            A digital readout takes up less space, allowing for a smaller, lighter dash.

            However as it's harder to read at a glance than an analogue dial, it's effectively useless for a tachometer as a number readout as the numbers are constantly changing rapidly.

            The bar-graph tachos (Ducati 1098/1198, ZX-6R 03-06) are hard as hell to read at a glance too as there is little contrast compared to say a red needle on a white face.

            So basically to summarise, analogue tachos are preferred because from a performance/racing sense the tacho is (or can be) critical for rider feedback. The speedometer is not critical so is a small digital readout. It's also generally smaller and offset so that the tacho draws the eye more than the speedo.

            You'll notice on bikes that are not performance oriented (eg cruisers) these frequently have an analogue speedo and a small digital, or complete lack of tacho, reflecting the different priorities in delivering information to the rider.


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              Ride to traffic conditions. looking at the speedo won't help.
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                Originally posted by thro View Post
                Ride to traffic conditions. looking at the speedo won't help.
                Ask Jess, mate - I think if "traffic conditions" include a cop driving next to you, the speedo may help a great fucking deal!!!
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                  Had analogue on the VTR and now have digital on the Hornet, i find with the hornet im adjusting my speed alot more as if it reads 58 and im in a 60 zone i will try sit on 60, the dial then goes to 62 and i try and slow down. Analogue is easy to read at a glance. But i like seeing the numbers change rapidly on the digital face, having said that the 250 couldnt change rapidly on analogue so i cant compare haha. If two bikes were identical in every way except one with digital and one with analogue, it wouldnt bother me at all
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                    Originally posted by thro View Post

                    Ride to traffic conditions. looking at the speedo won't help.
                    +1 When I look down, its to see where my rev's are and deciding if to shift up a gear.. My speedo is digital with a bit of lag, look down, your doing 70, look up, look down its jumped straight to 92... Admittedly due to a slight application of the wrist to pass a cars blind spot.
                    So tend to not use it most of the time and ride to conditions.

                    EDIT: Yes, does come in handy when you see unmarked/marked cops about :p


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                      I like the analog just a small glance an I can know the revs easy... but I haven't tried a digital one yet.


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                        Digital for looks, analog for practicality on the road.
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                          yep the digital one on the duke is useless in a hurry (1098)

                          found the ones on the zx12/zx9 were really good (they were both electronic) aka my favourite especially when going quick

                          the digital one from acewell on the banger works pretty good though (both revs an kph are digital readout)
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                            I like digital speed and analogue RPM

                            (which seems to be 95% of sports bikes these days)


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                              Originally posted by Pkunk View Post
                              I like digital speed and analogue RPM
                              Same here. Digital tacho just doesnt look right to me.
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