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Wicked Gear - any good?

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  • Wicked Gear - any good?

    looking at getting some riding gear (jacket, pants etc) and have stumbled across a company called wicked gear. their website is Exclusive Leather Traders.

    has any one here heard of them or used their gear?
    just trying to figure out if they are any good sa they are much cheaper than other gear (169 for a textile jacket or 299 for leather)

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    I can vouch for Mike's gear. Had one of his jackets for 3 years (even got it wet in the rain plenty of times) and then crashed in it at over 100km/h. All the stitching held up and the jacket was still perfectly good to use.

    All my gear was written off by insurance though, otherwise I'd still have it.
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      I've got two of their jackets, my wife has one or two of them as well and I bought a jacket for my father in law from them.

      I've got a pair of their gloves and bought a waterproof oversuit through them. Nice people, decent products.
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        My two piece was cheap but by no means nasty. It's saved me a couple of times and is still going strong. First attempt was badly sized but after profuse apologies, a second pair that fit with the same measurements (ie was made properly) has been a good friend to me since.

        I have had a couple of extra waistband straps added to pull it in a little tighter there, and wish there was a way of belting the pants or that they had a firm top with velcro size adjusting rather than the lameo elastic which does not a lot.

        These are minor criticisms though.

        I'd insist on trying two or three styles and sizes until you find something that actually fits nicely before placing an order - but once that's done, good gear at a great price.
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          had mine for over a year now and no complaints except i've brokenb two zips and the stud on the pants. but i think thats just me as ive broken a zip on my other jacket and also a zip on my sidi boots.

          when im due for another set of leathers i will probably go to him again.

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            ^^^ oh yeah, forgot about that, the zip toggles are all broken on my jacket, I had to replace them with cheapo keyrings (just the ring). Works fine.
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              I got a leather jacket from them ages ago. Never have any problem so far. The cheaper price is probably due to they're not a world-wide brand (less margin expected, etc...).


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                I have a Jacket, gloves and pants from them. Never had a spill (touch wood) so cannot vouch for that part, but from what ive heard they are good products. They were quite comfortable too on long trips
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                  I was there last week, his shop is at the Carousel Shopping Centre in the aisle between the food hall & Myer. He sells non branded leather and textile gear, leather jackets for $299, kevlar jeans for $169, leather gloves, leather pants, textile jackets etc. Why not check him out when you are in the vacinity as his prices are very competitive.


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                    Also one in Garden City somewhere, i saw it there the other day. The two stalls are run by a bloke and his wife. The prices are the same as the website minus the postage so it would probably be cheaper to go to his shop. Also that way you can ask for a discount if you are buying multiple items. I got my two piece and a set of gloves for a tad under 600 i think it was.
                    I was just raising hell I wasn't doing no harm, the cops could not appreciate my natural charm.


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                      +1 Do it. Very friendly to deal with. I didn't want to buy off the website without trying on, and went to his house where he stores all the gear and bought it then and there
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                        Yeh he is alright had a jacket for nearly a year no dramas


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                          Got my pants custom made from Mike - good gear, well priced.
                          The zip doesn't match up with my jacket (Spyke), but i don't do track work, so it's not an issue.
                          Mike also matched the leather pants to my jacket colours @ no additional cost.
                          He lives in Carine, so you can make contact, drop around... and try some gear on.
                          You don't have to buy off the shelf - he will get it made to fit if required.

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                            I got a 2 peice made up by him about 18 months ago. Its been great. I use the jacket daily and add the pants when im going to a decent blast


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                     summarise....seems like its an opportunity to buy good quality from a local producer at a good price. Isn't that what we are all after????
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