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photoshop techniques for bike photos

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  • photoshop techniques for bike photos

    Hey guys - I went out n took some pics of the bike today - came back and started playing around in photoshop - here are some of the outcomes...

    If anyone has any pics they want me to photoshop post them up, or if anyone else has some other effects that look nice - care to share ?

    some better than others eh - figured I share

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    What effect did you use in photoshop, those look very good
    Formaly Greaper8


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      Get the original image, duplicate the layer and put it over the top of your result above.
      Find an effect that will give the lines of the bike a bit more contrast and definition.
      Change the opacity to suit.

      Also try to bump up the saturation of the graffiti (either on another layer or the original) to make it pop.

      Have a play with some of these.

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      Fiddle with the sky too,


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        Originally posted by greaper8 View Post
        What effect did you use in photoshop, those look very good
        Not sure if this is what the OP used but go to Filters -> Artistic and select one of the options. Lots of effects that look similar.

        Not my thing personally but a good way of making something different.
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          re: Graffiti

          A simple bump in contrast (square).

          Can look dull otherwise


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            ah yeh - more colour looks good maxo, thanks!

            I used filters -> artistic -> poster edges + cutout ... combined with some brightness/contrast changes