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Reduced speed limits on their way

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  • Reduced speed limits on their way

    First this:

    Now this: City speed limit cut to 30km/h | PerthNow

    Safety? Or revenue raising?
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    We go any slower in this state and we'll go backwards.

    Oh wait, we already are.
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      If you don't like it just go and run some people over after they implement the new speeds in these zones to fuck their statistics.


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        hurr hurr, fucking no. How about you get people to take some responsibility for their actions. If you walk in front of a moving vehicle you deserve to be run down.


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          Why don't they just make driving illegal?

          People are just going to be in even more of a rush, in more congested traffic and more fustrated. Which in trun may cause more accidents.


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            people already drive at 30kmh or slower when rolling through heavily congested areas with lots of pedestrians ie: leederville/northbridge

            so now its law to ensure your speedo stays below 30kmh when between the speed limit signs

            clearly a better solution than what we had before, which was look where you are going and dont run over any pedestrians
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              pfft don't use any of those streets/roads anyway, they better start fining the pushie riders as well


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                Guess where all the hand helds will be for the next few weeks?

                Revenue raising at it's finest.


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                  what a fucking joke.


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                    Saw this debarkle on the news last night. What a crock of shit. Conjestion around these areas is already rediculous.
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                      Just another reason to stay away from the congested shit hole that is Perth CBD
                      It will just make it preferable to start going through the back streets which will increase traffic volumes through residential areas and cause more pissed off people
                      I already alter my route to get away from where they put school zones (instead of the sensible thing like over/underpasses) on "major arterial roads" to avoid the congestion, this will be the same

                      It will be a joke when yo have to be going slower on a dual lane major road than you will through a residential area
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                      Noted. We'll check back on that one in three years
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                        No way... =/

                        Jesus, how often do traffic incidents in areas like that at peak traffic times actually involve people doing the speed limits, anyway?!

                        Only situation I can think of is someone flooring it to get through a light.

                        What a crock of shit.
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                          30 Km/h.


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                            Geez, look through the comments. Nearly everyone disagrees.
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                              i live just off beaufort street and the expensive new xmas tree speed signs the town of vincent has just installed will make 2/5 of fuck all difference.

                              for the majorty of most days traffic backs up in both directions from the intersection of walcott and beaufort that cars are at a virtual standstill. south cars are routinely banked up to near the billabong backpackers and north well up to near perth college.

                              thus well below the newly prescribed speed of 40km and well, well below that apparently rediculous speed of 50-60km/hr.

                              the idiocy of this is only compounded by the city of stirling's refusal to have a bar of it and continue the restrictions into their municipality meaning they are only 'protecting' motorists so long as they stay in the city of vincent's boarders.

                              what a joke. seriously.

                              end of rant.
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