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Exhaust For A CBR 250rr

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  • Exhaust For A CBR 250rr

    Hey guys i have recently purchased a cbr 250rr mc22, and i am looking to put a new exhaust on it. And i was just wondering if any one had some idea's of what to go for because i have had a look at yoshi pipes and so on, on ebay but i dont know if i want to spend that much at the moment also i need new fairings as the bike has some scratches on it any ideas except ebay? cheers guys any help will be greatly apreciated. ^_^

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    All 4 cylinder 250's sound fucking AWESOME with a pipe on them.

    They don't, do everyone a favour and keep it stock.


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      roo racing is a site sponsor and he makes very nice pipes for the 250 and they aren't too pricy either...


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        Yeah it doesnt sound to bad at the moment, any suggestions of a places in perth that sell slip on's?


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          made in perth, by someone who knows what he's doing


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            Or you could save everyones ears and not fit one?
            Seriously, 250's are fucking offensive with a pipe.


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              as wigarus said,

              Welcome to Roo home of quality carbon fibre mufflers

              he's in welshpool

              edit: beaten


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                Seriously, makes the bike look and go a lot better.

                Not to mention the sound. Some people might not like it, but i love a 4 cylinder 4 stroke 250 at full noise with a big pipe


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                  Cheers guys i will check it out this week, any ideas of were i could get new fairings or is ebay my best bet at the moment?


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                    +1 for stock pipe

                    imho its silly seeing a bike winding out 19000rpm at 120dB to get to 40kmh :p
                    Originally posted by Bendito
                    If we get to a stop and we are missing a dozen bikes and you are last, it was your fault. Don't be that guy. No one likes that guy.


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                      ebay is your best bet.

                      Or TYGA performance if you've got the coin.

                      Like I have on my RGV that I'm selling at the moment.

                      thats in my sig.

                      just below this writing.

                      a little bit faster than a cbr...


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                        Originally posted by g0zer View Post
                        +1 for stock pipe

                        imho its silly seeing a bike winding out 19000rpm at 120dB to get to 40kmh :p
                        I can vouch for this, you will look like a tool.


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                          Be careful with the roo racing, Ive got a roo myself and it is crazy loud. right now im looking to buy a helmet that will eliminate some of the noise. dont get me wrong, i love the noise, its a big reason i bought the CBR in the first place over the ninja. but i think im starting to lose my hearing

                          so yeah, its awesome but make sure your happy to live with it every day...


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                            actually you can get an end can from ebay for the cbr 250, which if that was the one fitted on my old bike, make a nice noise and arent too offensive. The thing about lil blades is they are screamers and you will love it for a while, but prob get sick of it before too long. Whatever you do dont get a ballistic can, they are overly offensive. Ebay for can, cheap and sound good without overbearing, ebay for fairings too.


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                              Take polony's own advice about haters...

                              Originally posted by polony View Post
                              To those who are inevitably going to flame me in this thread

                              You go get that exhaust bro