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Removing paint overspray

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  • Removing paint overspray

    There are some specs of white paint on my little green car bonnet that have hardened on with sun and time.

    Cut and polish only seems to have skimmed the top off each dot.

    Any recommendations or suggestions of a way to remove much appreciated.


    Ps. Tried elbow grease. That didnt work.

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    Also looking for advice on this..very similar situation but it's with my bike..some white specs of paint..
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      Soak a bit of rag with WD40 and rub that on the paint. With any luck, that will remove your specks of paint. The underlying car paint tends to be pretty tough, so it shouldnt come off as well, but I would do a test patch somewhere non-obvious just to make sure. Obviously wash the residue WD40 off asap afterwards.


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        what about hairspray? It apprently works for graffiti
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          I've used orange C type sprays before and had no problems. Citrus cleaner or something? I forget what its called. Like big Kevs goo remover only in a spray bottle.

          as above though, test it on a not so obvious area first...


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            Mmm fruit drink spray
            Warning: The above post was probably written while under the influence.


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              A sharp stanley knife blade works well, if you have the patience, prepsol or thinners as a last resort (do it quick and gentle!)
              It was like that when I got here.


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                okay will try in that order then. Thanks!


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                  Was it given a proper cut and polish? using a fine abrasive and a mechanical buff to bring the shine back?

                  T-cut and stuff available from auto parts shops isnt really harsh enough to remove over spray or fall out from industrial areas. Take it to a smash repair place or even a vehicle detailer they will be able to remove the white dots. But it will cost you, around $400 for a commodore sized car or $200-300 for a smaller Excel type size car.

                  By the way i would stay away from the razor blade idea, one tiny slip and u'll be lookin at a complete bonnet respray
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                    I used Mguires clay block. Tried it on my WB statesman came up a treat felt like glass afterwards and got rid of the overspray


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                      Originally posted by BigChunkyLove View Post
                      I used Mguires clay block. Tried it on my WB statesman came up a treat felt like glass afterwards and got rid of the overspray
                      ^^ that one lolly.......go get one of those and give it a go.

                      pm me if i doesnt work but i'd be suprised.

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                        alrighty - clay first. Sounds almost fun.


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                          Let me know how it goes lolly..if it works i might give it a go..
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                            clay it, then give it a good wax
                            will work
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                              Mcquires clay bar is definately the go.
                              Used it for exactly the same purpose.
                              It comes in a kit with a bottle of quick detailer (about $35)
                              Or you can just buy the bar and use some soapy water as the lubricant.
                              Then coat of wax like stated.
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