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Respraying Race Glass

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  • Respraying Race Glass

    I know there are a few threads on this but I couldn't find any info about getting paints matched and made for you. The Race glass I've got has a few chips and what not that I wanted to fill and get back smooth and also repaint it to match my tank because at the moment it just has a standard rattle can job.

    I was wondering if there is a place that I could take in the front wheel guard from my stock fairings which they could mix up a batch of paint that would match the lava red effect of the tank and I could load it into my paint gun/compressor setup and hopefully get the rest of the raceglass matching the tanks color and effect. Also does Yamaha have a fancy expensive paint process? Because the tank sorta looks like it's got metallic flakes in it and perhaps might be abit more complicated than just a few coats of paint and a polish?

    Also any suggestions for preparing raceglass? I was just gonna go down to supacheap and get some bog, primer, heaps of fine grade sandpapers and go to town on it.

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    Your searching effort needs a boost...

    +paint +"match colour" =

    and others.
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