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  • understanding the learners etc

    g'day everyone, well i thought i might just ask a quick, noob question, ive just moved here few months ago for uni from NSW and bike laws seem different so i thought i might ask before i venture on...

    In nsw, once you've done your L's you can ride alone, and ride upto a 650cc bike... And i have my NSW L's and i did have a husqvarna TE 610 with a motard setup which was my road motard bike but i got rid of it before leaving, now im in the market for a new bike, but i have been told that you cant have no more then a 250cc, and on your L's you need to be accompinied by a full class bike licence holder is this all true????

    if that be the case how long do you need to be on your L's for, and when on your P's, what changes, can you ride larger capacity? and what are the test like to do??

    also if this also be the case that you ride 250 till on your blacks or something, can anyone suggest a good 250 two stroke road bike for round 2.5k ive never owned a road bike, have had dirt bikes all my life, but if im gonna own a puncy 250 might as well get a 2 banger cause some of them haul ass (hope that didnt offend) plus being a 110kg 6ft 3 guy, i need something with well a bit of up n go thank you all in advance

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    You're not gonna get a good stroke 250 for $2500.
    You have to be on your Ls till you pass a test, and you have to do 25 hours supervised riding, unless you already have a car license.
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      There is an R-E license and an R license which has nothing to do with your P-plates.

      First you sit a test to get your R-E learners permit.
      Then you do a practical riding assessment to get your R-E license. This is your 250cc capacity limited license which you must hold for 12 months.
      Once you have done your 12 months, you go back to the department of transport and pay for your R class learners permit and book your R-class practical assessment.
      Once you pass your R-class practical assessment you can ride any capacity bike you want.

      Your P plate status just affects when you can be on the road (curfew) and how much alcohol can be in your system.

      For more (and probably more accurate) information, click this link. Getting a moped or motorcycle licence
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        Lots of helpful info in the Two Fiddy section - stop in there and cruise through the threads. All your questions will be answered, re shadows, tests, bikes etc.

        Have fun and see you on the road when you're ready