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  • Stoner Bashing

    Whats Stoner done

    Aussies are Aussies and if its lawn bowls or racing we'll always back our own in

    But Ive noticed alot of people puttin the size 10s into Stoner lately.

    Is it just him, or Ducati in general ???

    Is it Un-Australian?

    Is it because he uses his wife as a Grid Girl instead of a hot one in skin tight short shorts who shades the rider with her Double Ds


    Im a suzuki man I cant wait till they give Vermeulen a decent bike.......

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    Originally posted by Mac View Post
    Is it because he uses his wife as a Grid Girl instead of a hot one in skin tight short shorts who shades the rider with her Double Ds
    I don't know what you put your penis inside at night, but I'd quite happily show Adrianna how to ride.


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      vermeulen will leave before he gets handed a 'decent bike'


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        No doubt, I just think if shes gunna hold the brolly she should dress correctly, wearing as little as possible:-)


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          All he does is whinge,
          "The tracks not cleaned enough for me."
          "My team-mates too fast, I want Colin back."

          Oh sorry, misread post title as "Gay Bashing".


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            Audriana is really cute IMO.

            Anyway, Another thread of ''Stop bashing stonner''? Seriously, Nationality means shit, I'm spanish and I can't stand Pedrosa at all.


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              He doesn't have a soul


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                sorry but i hate this kind of attitude, example. when the aussies lose at rugby they are spat at and disowned, when the cricket team takes a loss the same applies so what is "un australian"? peronally i have nothing against stoner and i dont favour him cos he is an aussie i just think he is a cry baby who needs to harden the fuck up.
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                Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done
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                And forgive us our lanesplitting
                As we forgive the four wheel drives, the volvos and the taxis
                And lead us not into gravel corners
                But deliver us from hand-held radars
                For thine is thy leather, thy denim, thy Gore-Tex and thy Kevlar
                Amen ORIGINAL POST BY DEB


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                  We have to back our own, regardless of wether their good or not. Otherwise, find a suitable replacement and tell the other one to GTFO.
                  Success is nothing more then taking advantage of an opportunity.


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                    Waah waah. If you want people to like you, you have to be somewhat likable.
                    Insert witty comment here


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                      Who told you I was a stoner?
                      I got a fever.......and the only prescription is more cowbell!


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                        hey i dont mind the bloke, and being sticktly parochial i would prefer to see him win than another bloke (besides Chris)...

                        but i think he's got more than a touch of the....

                        "Faster, faster until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death." - Hunter S. Thompson.


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                          Gees, most of the so called whinging is just Stoner telling it how he sees it. I don't think he tries to make excuses. He is just giving his opinion. It is just sound bites for the media.

                          Bottom line is he gets the most out of the machine he is riding and has been one of the few riders to give Rossi a run for his money in the past ten years. He is one of the few riders in the paddock that Rossi is worried about.

                          I'll support any Aussie in Moto GP. I like to see them all have success. But I am a stoner fan. The bloke is a world champion!

                          I hope Vermulen gets a better machine under him so that he can show how good he really is.
                          Most human beings have an almost infanite capacity for taking things for granted


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                            Just typical of aussies under 40 years old, bunch of softies who think the world owes them a living.
                            They hung a sign up in our town "If you live it up, you won't live it down"-Tom Waits


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                              Word is, Alvaro Bautista has the 2nd Suzuki seat next year alongside Capirex. I think Vermuelen is talking to Herve Poncheral (along with half the grid!), and I honestly think that would be the best seat for him. However I think it's unlikely, and that he'll unfortunately end up back in WSBK. Either that or give him a Duc seat...maybe you have to be Aussie to ride that thing! haha!

                              On the Stoner thing, he does have a huge chip on his shoulder, I think he learned a lot of lessons last year after Laguna Seca and he has made more of an effort this year. Unfortunately, he isn't well, and some people think that he should harden the fuk up. Personally, i consider riding the hardest machine in the motoGP class to 3rd in 40 degree heat while vomitting in one's helmet is pretty fukin tough. But that's me. Vermeulen has recently (finally) complained about the bike...but he's not a whinger.

                              Some pretty funny comments in GPWeek about Donnington actually. He started getting booed there coz he beat Rossi (fact everyone knows it's the case at Donnington), and his comments were something to the effect of, "they can shove it up their ass!". Love it! Very Mick Doohan I think! I could actually picture Barry Sheene saying the exact same thing!