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  • Furygan gear

    Anyone ever bought/owned any Furygan leather gear?

    I am thinking of buying a jacket from a local store, the guy swears by them (obviously as his is in the business of making money)

    They appear to be of pretty good quality, but I have never owned leather before so hard to judge.

    This isn't a "make the decision for me" thread, just wondering if anyone has any experience with this gear....

    Achat Blouson moto Furygan HOUSTON AMO 2

    that is the one I am eyeing off, couldn't find an english link....

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    Never heard of the brand mate, but a quick Google search brought these up:

    Furygan "Fighter" Leather Motorcycle Jacket Review

    Review: Furygan Orona Jacket

    Review (Update): Furygan Orona Jacket

    Sounds like a good brand, popular in Europe.

    Pretty pricey, how do local prices compare?
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      Had read the first link, but missed those other two, nice googling

      Sounds like the summer one is not so great, luckily I'm looking at the full leather

      Prices are somewhat better than what I see on the web, at around £250 for the Houston Amo...


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        I have a Furygan leather jacket. I bought it in Scotland when i was last there. I have forgotten the name of the jacket. It is simular to the one your are looking at. Its a really great fit for me. I've had it for 1.5 years still looks good.

        Not much i can say really.

        It's much nicer than Alpinestar but not as nice as dainese.


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          that'll do, thanks

          Just hoping not to hear any horror stories