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Woohoo! Passed my R class!

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  • Woohoo! Passed my R class!

    So it was a year since my R-E on wednesday, i booked my test in for yesterday arvo and passed!
    I had an awesome friendly instructor which took the nerves out of the equation, went for a few laps around town, some O turns and such and got it done with 1 and a half fail points; following traffic too closely and insufficient indication.

    Shortly after passing, i pulled out of the DPI, turned onto the main street and not even 100meters down the road got pinned by the silver and orange highway patrol for FE.
    cheers to everyone who has given me advice, help and ridden with me
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    Originally posted by thro
    i only squid it when riding pissed.

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    Congrats for passing your test


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      Congrats Harns

      Remember what you lost points for, those 2 things equate to your life out on the roads.

      Tuff about the FE, but you run that risk when you have one


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        CONGRATS !!! hahahahaha..funny with the timing of getting caught..i wonder if you would fail if they had caught you for the FE whilst doing the test..


        Originally posted by HotelBushranger
        Talked to some chick today at the village that rides a GPX 250. Wasn't very friendly though, must have crabs.


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          congrats on passin and enjoy your time on the big bike. ride safe m8.
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            Grats dude. Nice work.
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            I ride slowly because I'm a massive faggot.


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              Grats matey.

              Um... nub question but whats FE?


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                Fender Eliminator - takes the ugly looking plastic fender covering your back tyre away. Popo magnets unfortunately.


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                  Ah, makes sense now. Thanks!