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Gpx 250 Rear brakes don't work??

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  • Gpx 250 Rear brakes don't work??

    Hi all I just got new rubber put on my bike ( dunlop Gt301's) which are amazing and cant fault. The day after picking the bike up from the local dealer i noticed that the rear brakes dont work at all. The lever can be fully depressed and i have bled the line a couple of times now still to no avail. Is this something that the dealer could have done or just a blown master cylinder?

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    G'day mate,
    Best thing to do is to take it back to the dealer on Monday. Could be something as simple as a pad has come out.
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      Is there any feel to the brake pedal or just soft all the way?
      Have you lost any fluid?
      Can you see the brake pads?


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        there is a tiny amount of feel there but the lever can be pushed all the way down without getting hard...there is fluid in the lines and i got a mate to pull the pads out and have a look and they were all fine aswell