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NOOB shoping for a new bike Tips tricks ?

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  • NOOB shoping for a new bike Tips tricks ?


    ANother one of my great posts i will have to start charging my regular appearance fee (JOKE)

    anyways im looking at older 250 road bikes like ZZR CBR all old cheaper kinda bike 3500 is probaly the max saving my coin once i get my full licence will go out and get an R6 or something spend like 11k or more

    anyways when buying a 2nd hand bike what should i look for obviously things are like oil leaks and make sure sprockets are ok any other tips or tricks when buying a new bike ? tires and breaks are 2 other things my mate mentioed but is there anything else i need ot take into account also K's

    my friend keeps telling me anything over 40k would probaly need a rebuild how much would that cost and is it worth spending a bit extra and geting like a hyosung or what ever they are called ?

    Thanks again


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      take someone that knows what to look for


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        Hi I'm selling my bike for about that price if your interested - its a Kawasaki zx2r (very similar to the CBR). Brand new battery and running beautifully. Let me know if you're interested.


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          Used Motorcycle Evaluation Guide

          10 Tips you Should Know Before Buying a Used Motorcycle

          I had some good links but lost all my bookmarks, these should help a bit.
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              Rebuild at 40thou pffft, that's rediculous, I wouldn't even think about that till around 80thou. Might need a sprocket and chain change, which is a good idea anyway.

              Make sure you take someone with you that knows bikes or hire a Mobile mechanic when you have narrowed your choice of bikes down.

              Last weeks Quokka had heaps of kwaka 250's in it, plus there shold be heaps in the For Sale section if you can navigate it