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    Its very quite at work today and as a result Im pretty bored. I am at that stage of my boredom where Im thinking to much (Im sure you all know what I mean) and I have just starting wondering about PSB, you know who what when where (I know the why.... I think). Anyone able to shed some light
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    before someone bags me

    I started one before and never finished the story...



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      Who are PSB? (PS came to life in March 2003 when a Perth motorcycle enthusiast created an internet forum as a medium for his fellow motorbike riding friends to discuss motorbike issues and organise social riding events:

      "The great thing about PSB, is it helps to create friendships for people with the same hobby in one geographic area” forum founder Deej said. “The bike community in Perth is pretty small, so within a short period of time a Perth bike rider is going to meet someone who uses PSB, and when they do meet, there’s no small talk as they have already had contact within the PSB forum which helps to speed up the social interaction process. They don’t feel like strangers. We’ve even had several relationships start as a result of the PSB community with our first PSB engagement recently!"

      In a short time, PSB has grown to become Perth's largest internet forum for active sports bike riders with over 7000 members viewing some 150,000 pages per day and growing by over 120 new registrations per week.

      PSB boasts having many forum features to provide entertainment and social interaction amongst motorcyclists features which include news, technical discussions, a ride calendar, for sale section, the latest local and international bike racing discussions, chat rooms, and even a ladies only section.

      An important aspect of the PSB community is when users open their hearts and wallets for worthwhile charities such as group Blood Donations for the Red Cross and the enormously successful annual ‘Making a Difference Ride' (M.A.D. Ride) which had its maiden event in 2005 and raised $12,000 for the Shenton Park Rehabilitation Hospital and also Reds Spinal Research at the University of Western Australia.

      Sauce: Who are PSB? - About M.A.D - The Making a Difference Ride (M.A.D) - Raising funds & Awareness for spinal cord injury research and rehabilitation
      comic sans is OKAY!


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        ooh, I like story time with Unky Dubs

        <sits crosslegged on the floor like a good boy>
        For LAMS information and resources -
        For LAMS discussion and to ask questions -


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          There ya go - The story so far from Mr Dubs


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            can i sit on your lap Dubs? (fonzy)
            Originally posted by Amac
            suck me on the hat you mole fucker, steroid affected me cock


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              yeah it seems that old thread was unfinished Mr. Dubs....... do continue....


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                Originally posted by 2wheels4sure View Post
                yeah it seems that old thread was unfinished Mr. Dubs....... do continue....
                Pleeeeeeeaase ...


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                  Originally posted by barfridge View Post
                  <sits crosslegged on the floor like a good boy>
                  Please, children, scootch closer. Don't make me tell you *again* about the scootching.
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                    come on Duds we want more..

                    having read the old thread and this thread I decided to troll all of the old posts.
                    Here is what I have found after it started. It appears many early treads are closed is only talking unclosed threads hear goes. I await corrections but it is interesting
                    First thread
                    General Bike Talk
                    Owner NoMaD 14/3/03 1;02am
                    First reply Deej 14/3/03 7:40 am

                    2nd thread General Bike Talk 14/3/03
                    Owner NoMaD 1;06 am

                    3rd tread
                    News Flash 14/3/03 1.15am
                    Owner Deej

                    In The loop
                    First thread 3/4/03 1;03pm
                    Owner Bib bird
                    First ride thread 9/4/03
                    Owner Melkor, ride –Fat Pizza ride (if this was the first ride we should commemorate this)

                    User Group 26/3/03
                    First mentioned user group “roadrash” for those wishing to be kept in the loop be email of upcoming rides

                    How Too
                    The first post is dated 30/3/06
                    But looks like the inspiration for the thread starting in 09 and good informative threads being moved the one location

                    Two Strokers

                    Moto Italiano
                    First thread 22/7/05 By Bastett

                    Funny Stuff
                    First thread 23/3/03 by Dubs

                    First thread 15/3/03 By Deej
                    Title Lets get this party started riiight

                    Healthy Wealthy and Wise
                    First thread 7/4/04 by TRX

                    First thread 2/2/04
                    Owner Cuzzy
                    First thread 2/5/05 By Dubs titled DWTK

                    Two Fiddy
                    Starts 21/4/06 with Snowman95

                    Help Desk
                    First thread 7/10/07 by admin (who joined in September 07)

                    It is easy to see PSB is constantly growing thanks for all of you work over many years.


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                      second installment
                      14th of March seems to be the kick of date this is supported by the earliest join dates being March here are some of the early birds
                      Dubs March o3
                      Deej March 03
                      NoMaD March 03

                      Big Bird
                      Erion Dave

                      Then we have the first post I can find from Dubs 18/3/03

                      Total of Posts...
                      Check it..
                      Question to the Webmistress, you start out on the post as Scleppo...does this change? At what number of posts and to what?

                      Deej replies
                      Vewwy good question my good man. Its called a ranking and dis is what its set at:

                      Shleppa 0
                      Crash Bandacoot 10
                      Amateur 20
                      Stunter 50
                      Endo King 100
                      Wheelie Master 200
                      Stunter Supreeeem 500
                      Motorcyle Legend 1000

                      We also have special rankings of:
                      Perth Extreme God

                      Which we can give to eweva we damn well please.

                      Trust this answers your question.
                      The Webmistress

                      love the names post counts would be x 10 now.