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Can't fill up when sitting on the bike - why?

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  • Can't fill up when sitting on the bike - why?

    Not been in WA that long (under a year) and I am struggling to understand why garage rules say I need to get off my bike to fill it up with petrol. I've never been asked to do this anywhere else but here.

    Then it is on the side stand and the tank isn't fully filled.

    Or I can get off and put it on the centre stand, but that's a load of pi**ing around when I just want to gas and dash.

    Do the rules work on the basis that if I splashed fuel all over myself AND set it alight that I'd be less likely to hurt myself if I was standing next to my bike rather than sitting on it?


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    I believe more than anything it is to make it harder to do a drive off.


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      Case history of fumes filling jacket, then lighting a smoke at the air pressure station. Circa 1990. May be urban myth.
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        Sumatie is correct. You wouldnt believe the number of people doing runners after filling up a full tank. I have personally witnessed about 2-3. Also another rule is you have to take your helmet off, some stations dont mind if you leave it on, some wont let you fill up. I always take my helmet off anyway just to have less hassles.


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          Topic's been done to death and a bit hard to search on the subject.

          This is one good thread where the issue is debated. Enjoy the read.


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            I just stand one leg either side of the bike and rest it between my legs so i can fully fill my tank. Havent had any troubles yet.
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              Because its WA the Nanny state and we have rules just for the sake of having rules.


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                I just want to fill up and pay at the pump.
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                  Because of the following scenario... you're filling your bike, while sitting on it... while doing so your attention is taken by a 19yr old in hot pants filling up next to you, in a lapse in concentration some fuel spills out over your tank, down onto your hot engine and exhaust... *woof* Bike Flambe and you have no where to go, when you are sitting on top of it.

                  A bit like this...


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                    I lvoe how at 1:04 in the last clip she tries blowing the fire out.
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                    do people around you constantly wear their palm on their face?
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                      depends on the place ya go and if the driveway attendant wants to have a power trip over you
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                        might have something to do with there being a higher risk of static spark as u climb of the bike. According to mythbusters and other reports alot of petrol station fires are caused by static sparks of clothing etc.
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                          I can understand the policy of not coming into the servo to pay without removing your helmet. I wouldn't want to be the guy working the station shitting my pants every time someone comes in thinking they are going to get held up.

                          But until the station provides a safe place for me to put my helmet, i'll leave it on when filling. I don't realy fancy my $1200 lid hitting the deck because I'm trying to juggle the pump and my helmet.
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                            Originally posted by ApatheticEnd View Post
                            I don't realy fancy my $1200 lid hitting the deck because I'm trying to juggle the pump and my helmet.
                            My helmet is quite comfortable hanging off the pillion peg.

                            Is this impossible on some bikes or something?


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                              Originally posted by Gixxerguy View Post
                              I lvoe how at 1:04 in the last clip she tries blowing the fire out.
                              heh yeah, I noticed that as well. Classic. Weren't her fault though but I've never seen a static discharge actually spark something up like that. Makes you wonder, huh?

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