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    Trying to find myself my first leather jacket........ But seems to me that most shops don't carry much stock at all. Or just a very selective range.

    From other threads I see people have found the same and gone online. So does anyone know a local place which has a good selection and a variety of brands (price isn't the issue, just over my textile jackets). Or just get your size and start looking online??? If so, any stand out sites?

    Cheers in advance and apologises for bring up the same old question
    P.S. while I'm annoying everyone any particular leather jacket brand which stand out with quality??

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    go to the causeway shops. its where i got mine from.
    Quality wise, you get what you pay for
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      Head to vic park and check out causeway shops and total motorcycle accessories (opposite maccas) and try on as many ass you can, try and find the right fit for you, as I found some brands didnt fit me right.

      I ended with Joe rocket 2 piece leathers and they fit me great. Don't get infatuated with a specific brand and perception of quality, just get a feel for the construction, look for double stitching, CE armour and features like zipout liners, waterproof pockets etc
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        use the search feature on the website some people dont appreciate it when 1 million posts are made on the same topic. just a friendly hint
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