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  • Bike Transport from SA

    I've searched but didn't find much, could be my crappy search criteria.

    Basically I'm looking at a bike that's in SA. I've had an online quote from one company ( but wondering if anyone has done this (SA to WA) and how much they paid?

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    i had a quote from to transport one from melbourne and that was 880 so cant be more than that surely. that quote was the dearest too.

    just ride it across =D


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      Got a quote the other day from "Bikes Only" (Mansells subcontract out to them), Perth to Canberra, one way = $893, with backloading


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        Hmm, so a quote of ~$700 from SA to WA sounds a little pricey hey? Will try get a quote from Bikenut.
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          I got bikesonly to do one of mine about 2 months back Adel to Perth. Original quote was 567 but i got it cheaper having used them a few times before. Have moved 4 bikes with them now and I can't stop saying how good they have been to deal with

          What bike are you looking at Druu?
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            Got a better quote of $568 through BikeLogistics, they're depot is in Maddington too which is pretty close by.

            Looking at a Husqy..
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              Ride it back ?
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                With a 9L tank, I don't see me doing that.
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                  This is from an email in July. Freighting VTR SP2 to Forrestfield depot.
                  Too fugn easy.

                  Dear Hewzie,
                  Thank you for your order and payment to BikeNut Transport Services.

                  Your payment of AU $595.00 (Bank Trans) on 2009-07-02 has been received.


                  Your Bike has been crated up and we have arranged for our driver to pick it up and bring across to our Adelaide depot. I will give you an update on the expected eta into Perth on Monday afternoon.

                  Once again, thank you for using BikeNut Transport Services.

                  Kindest regards,
                  James Brader
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                    Thanks for that Hewzie, gives me some better insight. I'm going to go through BikesOnly as they had the best deal and according to others the service is good too. Will be contacting them tomorrow. What sort of rough time frame are we looking at from first ordering the service?
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                      I did the same in March and used MotorbikeTransport. They were cheaper than Bikes Only by 10% for me, and the only company that could receive a bike on a Saturday in SA. Their customer service left a little to be desired though. Sounds like Bikes Only is a go. From memory it took 2 weeks to get here from when it was dropped off, and about 10 days actually on the move (on a train).

                      To those who are suggesting it can be ridden across - it can't (legally). I looked into this and spoke with both SA and WA Transport Depts. There is no way to transfer the bike rego from the (old) SA owner to (new) WA owner, and therefore as soon as you cross into WA, your bike is no longer registered or insured. You have to get the bike shipped over, get a permit to ride it to the pits, and then get it re-registered before it can be legally ridden on WA roads.


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                        i used CEVA on April 09 for $550, and took about 5 days .. but i have a scooter, so not sure if it's a bigger bike if it will be the same cost