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Permanent Residence with International License (Open Class)

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  • Permanent Residence with International License (Open Class)

    Hi There,

    I'm pretty much a newbie here, and I've got few questions that some of you might be able to answer..

    I've been a Permanent Resident in Australia for over 8 years, but I come
    back and forth overseas for the business purposes. Therefore its a small
    chance for me to obtain a WA motorbike license just yet. However, anticipating on owning my cbr600rr in WA and to be able to ride it in WA, I
    have already obtained and international open class license (with translation) that allows me to ride an open class motorbike. Not just that, I also have an overseas motorbike open class license (which means I have 2 licenses) and FYI there were a real test on a big bike in obtaining both of this license.

    My questions are:

    1. Is it gonna be a problem when I got caught by police ? DPI wrote that if we're a permanent residence and INTEND to live in WA, you have to get the WA license done in 3 months after ur arrival or u can have an international or overseas license if you are a visitor.But in my case, this is kinda both. Im a residence but i'm NOT INTENDED to live in Australia just yet as I keep coming back and forth (lot of cases where people have they australian residency but they are residing overseas)

    2. Is there any possible way for me just to transfer my license to straight to open class, since ive been riding a big bike for over 4 years now.

    3. If I cant do anything about question 2, I will just have to do my license from the scratch again.which means ive only got to ride a 250cc bike..but how bout my 600 ???!! arghh..will it worth explaining to the cops wat my situation is that i just make a 250 license just for the legality getting a WA license when I'm actually entitled to ride 250cc up regarding of my both of my open class license..

    Phew,..I hope someone could help me outtt here..Im so confuse, cos im not letting my black and white 600rr gone just like that (by the way i called him free willy hehe)


    Perth, WA
    2007 CBR600RR (pearl white and dark grey)
    cbr600rr free willyy !!
    long life riding

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    If you hold the class in another country I would expect you to just be able to transfer it, suggest you contact the DPI. Mind you I spend many years in the eastern states with a west australian license which had similar rules. On the rare occasion i got pulled i was ethier on holidays or work was stuffing me around and when I got some stability I'd get it all in one pile not that I would encourage misleading the police type people because thats naughty and wrong. Might be worth checking with your chosen insurer and see if that has consequences too.
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      cheers for the answer, ill get on to DPI asap then..
      cbr600rr free willyy !!
      long life riding


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        It is not that simple if you are from Indo..... DPI require I think you have to do a written and perhaps practical... this is from the DPI site

        Recognised countries
        Holders of drivers licences from the following recognised countries are exempt from taking the computerised theory test on the road rules and may be also exempt from the requirement to undertake a practical driving assessment. Applicants who hold motorcycle class equivalents are also exempt from the motorcycle theory test.
        Recognised countries are:
        • Austria
        • Belgium
        • Canada
        • Croatia
        • Denmark
        • Finland
        • France
        • Germany
        • Greece
        • Guernsey
        • Ireland
        • Isle of Man
        • Italy
        • Japan
        • Jersey

        • Luxembourg
        • Malta
        • Netherlands
        • New Zealand
        • Norway
        • Portugal
        • Singapore
        • Spain
        • Sweden
        • Switzerland
        • United Kingdom
        • United States of America
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