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Bike wouldnt start

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  • Bike wouldnt start

    Hi, Done a search but couldn’t answer my question.
    My Suzuki GSX250s would not start yesterday. It’s been running just fine before. I had not started for a week and when I went to start it, it just back fired a couple of times and would not go, then the battery went flat. The choke was not on, so i don’t think its flooded.
    Any suggestions?

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    Fully charge the battery, check fuel level, check fuel tap position.
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      Welcome to PSB. Go buy a new battery.


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        ^^ what they said.

        if it rank out of crank without going for a minute or two then the battery is fucked. replace...

        either that or just out of charge, but they really should last longer than a week without use unless you have electrical problems.

        take it with you when you go to buy a new one and the battery place (battery world, for example) can test it and confirm that yes its fucked.
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          Thanks Guys.
          I will sort out the battery and let you know if it all works!


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            Most batteries dont have full charge on cold mornings. Especially if they are on their way out.

            Use a trickle charger.
            You put the c*nt in country run