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  • Darwin to Singapore

    Okay so I have a need to get myself and my bike from Darwin to Singapore, hopefully simultaneously and hopefully by ship. Does anyone know if it is possible to get passage on a cargo/passenger ship from Darwin or even Port Hedland?

    Failing this I'll have to fly us both there so if anyone has information on air freighting a motorcycle it would likely come in handy.

    Cheers guys
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    I remember reading about that guy on the postie bike shipping his bike from Darwin across to Timor. Don't think it was a regular thing tho. Singapore is a pretty major port tho so should be possible.

    All Aboard
    Wednesday, January 28, 2009 4:31No Comments
    Piff poff piff, we’re all ready to go. Dot Cotton’s on the boat – see Mad Millward video for info – my flight’s booked for tomorrow morning so we’re all ready to go. Just doing a bit of research on Timor now. Apparently they use US dollars so that’s handy to know, as is news [...]
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    Free food
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    Green light for go…
    Tuesday, January 27, 2009 6:51No Comments
    Well it’s here, the passport for my bike. All I need do now is pick it up from the dog biter’s house, take my bike down to the docks tomorrow, load it in to a container and catch the flight I’ve just booked to Timor the next day. Too easy.
    i’ll lay low in Timor for [...]
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      Also check out any import duties you may be up for on landing to Singapore they are very good at charging them apparently.
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        are you gonna move there permanently? like to migrate there?

        don't know the whole story..but unless you don't have a wonderful story to tell them, they most probably won't let you road register it at all unless it's new and already passed their road inspection tests..

        even if they did allow you to do it, which i haven't heard of as yet, you'll be taxed heavily on top of your shipping costs..also, you'll have to pay like $1000++ at least for a paper called a certificate of entitlement (COE) which lasts for 10 years, afterwhich you'll have to renew it again for another $1000++..and this is on top of a yearly rego fee..

        in most probably not worth it at all/not doable..would be better off just buying a new one over there..

        i might be wrong so don't flame me if i do get it's just how i remembered it to be..hope this helps..and all the best for it..


        Originally posted by HotelBushranger
        Talked to some chick today at the village that rides a GPX 250. Wasn't very friendly though, must have crabs.


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          And worst of all they stick this card reading device on your bike which makes it look hideous meant to be used for toll collection.

          You're better off buying local, bikes are apparently cheaper in SG and with the exchange rate its a win win. With all the dicking around to bring YOUR bike there, unless its an absolute rarity (MV F4 SPR, etc) which you love to bits and must have with you, seriously its a waste of time shipping it there.


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            Thanks guys. I intend on riding from Singapore through to Xian in China and catching a train from there onto Moscow so I wouldn't be in Malaysia very long. The idea is to buy a suitable bike here and put a few km's on it before I head off, but with the sort of trouble it'll cause and the money I'd have to spend sounds like it may be best to buy one over there and wear it in on the road.
            I guess I'll have less trouble travelling the rest of Asia if I'm displaying one of there number plates anyway.

            Sounds like some of you have travelled Asia on a bike before. If you have any information that might be of help please let me know.
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              don't buy from singapore then..heaps of other places in asia have em cheaper (less tax etc)..

              Originally posted by HotelBushranger
              Talked to some chick today at the village that rides a GPX 250. Wasn't very friendly though, must have crabs.