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Help! How to get "unwanted" paint off a bike

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  • Help! How to get "unwanted" paint off a bike

    Very unhappy after riding home from work late last night

    Some knobchomper has tipped/spilt what looks to be paint or painting water right across the road. The particular road is not well lit and while I managed to swerve to miss the bulk of it, I was unable to avoid it entirely and I now have a blue stripe under my bike.

    I cleaned off what I could with a damp cloth when I got home but most of it had dried by then.

    Obviously there are solvents that will remove it but could anyone out there tell me what can and can't be used on what surfaces? ie painted and unpainted metal and plastic and tyres....

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    go get one of those clay bars from your local auto store. A tiny bit of elbow grease and you'll never know it was there.
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      Don't use any kind of solvents on your paintwork.

      You can use solvents on metal parts, but be careful around suspension/brakes/rubber bits as you don't want this damaging the important stuff.