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Handle bar adjust made a huge difference

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  • Handle bar adjust made a huge difference

    Ok i expect a few ppl to flame me for maybe saying something obvious but...

    I have had my 600 Hornet for nearly 5 month now and have always found the rear mirrors terrible. I have seen 80% elbow and 20% behind and this has always annoyed me.

    Just the other day i come up with the bright idea of rotating my handle bars forward to lower my clutch and brake leavers, this was to make them easier to reach and WOW. The whole ride changed felt so much better the leavers and all controls like indicators became easier to get to while riding.

    Now something i was not expecting was this moved my mirrors away from me and after a quick ride and quick adjust i could see everything behind. Made a HUGE difference, the reason i am making this post is no one had givin me this advice and it took a silly bugger like me 5 months to work it out myself. If this post help one other person i'll be happy and i think makes a much safer ride.

    So dont trust how the dealer assembles the bike there guy is likely diffent hight ect...

    Now off to play with the brack and gear pegs to see if i can make then suit

    TL : DR Play with your handle bars to see if you can get more vision out of your mirrors!!