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Snap-On. Overrated?

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  • Snap-On. Overrated?

    Im intrigued. Their gear can be found in any pro-mechanics workshop. But what makes it so good? Is it really worth the doe?

    Just interested as I am currently designing up a nu abode (with associated workshop) and want to deck out the workshop to be fully sik so looking at their workshop storage solutions and tools. Im a strong believer that you get what you pay for in this world... but is it the same in this case?

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    I don't think that you get the extra dollars worth over say kincrome or sidchrome. They're damn good tools but overpriced imo.

    Besides Kincrome do a stainless one with a fridge and a stereo.


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      but the man in the snap one off truck comes to you....that makes the extra cost well worth it..
      as for being worth the Doe...i reckon its rather Deer..


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        Best is still Sidchrome imo.


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          may be overpriced but we damn couldnt break em at work (the mines), plus always had nice fit

          if you can afford it then go for it
          Every one has a story.....


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            Strap on for bling/wank factor, Kinchrome and/or sidchrome for great tools you will actually use at a reasonable price..


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              i'd go the tools anyday but im not big on the toolboxes

              slowly building up my snap on stuff here.

              but if a big flash toolbox is needed go for it !

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                I dunno, I'm sure there are comparable tools out there, just as strong, as capable etc.
                But Snap-on gear just feels "right" in your hand.
                You can always feel quality.
                I've lusted after a full snap-on set for my dream garage.


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                  If it's any help to you, my dads had the same "No brand" set of tools for near on twenty years. I'm sure snap on are very nice, but honestly, what can they do that other tools cant?
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                    ducati owners know their tools lol
                    Every one has a story.....



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                      All mine are Kinchrome, good quality good price. Get some good ratchet spanners you will never regret money spent on decent tools.

                      Suppose if you can justify the expense, got to have them, get snapon they have a pretty wicked guarantee

                      "They're probably most famous for their absolute lifetime guarantee - if a tool with the Snap-on name on it ever breaks, they'll fix it or replace it. For free. Forever. If I found a broken Snap-on metric tap & die set lying in the gutter, I could bring it to a Snap-on dealer and they'd give me a new one, or fix the old one. No questions asked. "

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                        I'd say if you are fully kitting out a workshop, buy Sidchrome and use the savings to buy a nice trackbike, or supermoto, or trailie, or cafe racer.......
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                          use your current gear before you get some new ones !!!



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                            Mate ive been a Fitter for 14 years on Mines, On rigs now and still on tools. (i aint learning).
                            Some snap on gear is good, love there breaker bars. Ratshits are good/ great. good quality sockets. As for impact sockets the repco range are the best value for mony i have seen.
                            screwdrivers well a set a year is a standed with me and as they get stolen / lost so much stanly are as good as any.
                            spanners, mmmm are you intending to modify them, if so get a set of no name. most go for a no name and a good set.
                            I am a fan of a few brands for diferent reasons and aplications. snap on/ king chrome/ stanly/ proto/ georde
                            as for chissels and strikeing implements, GEORDE hot shit this stuff. Great pliers ect as well. they know how to forge metel to atack metal.

                            If you have ever been a drill fitter you will understand what i meen.
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                              I reckon they are worth the money, i have had 2 screwdrivers replaced 11 times now (he just replaces the shafts, not the handle, i tend to twist the heads off them) no worries. If you can afford, then go for it!
                              It was like that when I got here.