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Did I miss something..Is this a SPORTS BIKE ONLY Forum???

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  • Did I miss something..Is this a SPORTS BIKE ONLY Forum???

    Hoping to get a bit of a clarification here what is the general - membership attitude to bikes OTHER than sports bikes ?

    Reason I ask is that generally - well to my face anyway - I've had a lot of fun rides with PSB members - had a lot of chats over beer/coffee and found a general camaraderie that I usually get from other bike riders and have had for the last 40 something years of riding .... then I get a little concerned when I post a pic of my bike and fair enough it's not as fast as some ... I don't do stoppies or wheelies.... but it's still a street bike and I still live in Perth so I kinda thought I qualified to have the same kinda status/respect as another rider... I've sought clarification from this bloke after his comments below in another post .. but just thought I'd get a general opinion from the general population so other riders of "non-sports" bikes can get an idea of the general attitude of the majority of the PSB members/Moderators



    Originally Posted by Coxy
    Probably the ONLY H-O-G. in P.S.B ..?

    Originally Posted by Loopy Lou
    Nah, you got it wrong mate, it's HOPEFULLY the only HOG in PSB.
    The S is for Street, not Stoopid!

    My response:
    Always hard to tell on the internet - and rather than reply in the same vein in which I THINK this was meant .......- let's just clarify ... are you calling ME stupid ... My BIKE stupid or are you just generally demonstrating the sort of prejudice and short sighted attitude of certain groups (some Harley owners included) that determine what IS and ISN'T an acceptable or "cool" form of two-wheeled conveyance....???

    Alternatively ...if you know me and have ridden with me.... you may be making a light hearted and tongue in cheek piss take ... in which case HA HA ...

    ...If not please clarify your statement - because this HOG looks, sounds and goes like a STREET bike ....

    PS .
    Perhaps the Mods can advise.... did I miss something has... this become a "SPORTS Bike ONLY Forum" ?

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    I think you may be overthinking this one. I don't ride a sportsbike and I've never encountered anything resembling predjudice here. The more variety (and less Honda fanboys ) the better imo.
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      Coxy, I really think you're taking a post too seriously. Its probably a piss take but its the internet and we can't all agree on things. If we all got wound up about things other people said on the internet, the world would be a hateful place. I reckon you should let it go have a beer and be happy with your choice in bike.

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        Sarcasm is lost on the internet.

        Cheer up and dont believe everything you see.

        And just some people dont appreciate the old technology, the crap handling and the rather large pricetag on the harleys.
        As a general rule, the better it felt when you said it, the more trouble it's going to get you into.

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          1) Im not a mod.

          2) One person is a smartass in regards to the style of bike you ride.

          3) I have a crashed sportsbike, a 'fighter, and a project cafe racer/fighter.

          4) I have had 3 Harleys.

          6) You should grow a thicker skin mate.

          7) You have under 50 posts, so hang around and get a feel for the place.
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            you were on a ride I did not long ago...your bike is hawt !!!!
            Life's short, stay close to the things that make you happy!!


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              go with what shortfuse said....altho.... i thought the same as you when loopy posted that and thought who the fuck is that....i have been here since before it was called psb and one of the originals on the forum was a lady who rode a harley.....the banter from the older (in forum time ) is just that banter... the newer ones well dont know..... but it is a street bikes forum and you are far from robinson carusoe in riding a harley....all are welcome and none have ever been excluded due to the bike they ride but yours will get labelled a tractor all in good humor
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                Originally posted by Browneyedgirl View Post
                you were on a ride I did not long ago...your bike is hawt !!!!


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                  Wish I had a vrod night train thingo :-(
                  Hell, I nod to scooter riders :-)


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                    There are a few Harleys about. Cruisers would greatly outnumbered by upright nakes/sports bikes on here. Just the way things are.

                    Not sure why you were worried about what the other member said. It generally pays to ignore the Honda riders. ^_^


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                      Step 1: relax
                      Step 2: learn your place in the food chain. It's above hyosung but lower than kawasaki.
                      Step 3: develop a sense if humour
                      Step 4: laugh at step 2
                      Step 5: get out and meet more people. Slinging shit is a way of life around here, don't take it personally.
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                        Cruisers are welcome, just like the Hyosungs.

                        They're an easy target for people wanting to wind others up.

                        What you see on the rides will be vastly different to what you get on the forums.

                        Everything is in good fun most of the time, make it like water off a ducks back if something rubs you the wrong way.


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                          This forum is good for all as far as i have seen in my short stay.i think the problem when it comes to cruisers/harley type bikes is that a lot of the guys think there better than the sports bike you might see in the 'Spotted' thread you will notice that fellow PSB members talk about the nod of the yet to recive one from a Harley rider and in my opinion thats where the problem lies.i nod to every rider and generally get one in sure if you look around enough you will notice that all riders are in the same boat.


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                            I nod to scooter riders! but they never nod back! very strange!


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                              all are welcome here. i started with a "sport" bike. ended up selling that for a road/trail and now also own a quad. never copped any grief over it and have a great time riding both of my bikes. F the haters!