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International Bike Shipping - Australia to Canada??

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  • International Bike Shipping - Australia to Canada??

    Hey all

    Been over in canada for a 5 months and its time to get my bike over here.

    So as the title says, im wondering does anyone have any info on companies that do motorcycle shipping from australia to canada?

    Has anyone done it?

    Any recommendations or tips?

    I havew goggled searched and found this one:
    International motorcycle shipping, International motorcycle transport, motorcycle shipping Europe and shipping motorcycle to Europe.
    but they only go from the US to canada / europe.

    Im wondering if there is an aussie company i could use?

    any help would be greatly appreciated

    `Ride on Cam - No. 52` :aus-salute:

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    Are you not coming back ya bastard?
    Work Buy Consume Die


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      Wouldnt it be easier and cheaper to just cross border into USA
      and get a bike from there??


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        It's not worth it. FOr what you could sell it used for here you could buy a new one there and still have change left over.

        I shipped my racebike here from Canada and it saved me thousands. You'll only lose money going the other way. There are lots of good dealers in Edmonton.
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