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    Wondering if anyone had rode accross the nullabor to Adelaide

    I am looking to do this before Xmas 2010 so just wondering who has done this and what size bike you used and times took and experiences you might have had


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    Wear a closed face helmet, or failing that, a shitload of suncream and moisturiser to prevent long term wind-burn. Your tire will be squared off, and your chain stretched by the end of it. It's boring, but worth doing anyway. Riding around the block only gets interesting once you LEAVE Adelaide, heading east. Hug the coast.


    Day 1: you can comfortably get to Norseman or even Balladonia if you leave after sunrise. If you're a late starter, Coolgardie, or Norseman if you're tough.

    Day 2: Ceduna. This is a long day. It's also piss boring, except for the big drop off the Yilgarn. You can also stop off and have a gander at the GAB.

    Day 3: Destination Adelaide. Blink and you'll miss it. If you're feeling adventurous, go through Houghtons Pass, just after Port Augusta for some twisties. It won't last nearly long enough.

    Bonus Tip: GOR - Head east outta Adelaide. Head to Kingston S.E. and then peel off right to the Great Ocean Road. After you get tired, either wimp out and stay in Apollo Bay, or carry on through to Geelong or Melbourne proper. This is also a long day.
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      Yeah not looking to set land speed records but good info so thanks
      Have done it 3 times in a car but yes a bike would be a experience

      Hopefully others can shed some light


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        was going to post a huge list etc but end of the day YOU do it an make your own experiences

        awesome ride an a must do imho

        regarding bike size, wouldnt matter too much as long as it comfortably hold 110 an your but can take it (600 or bigger would be fine, has been done on much smaller btw). i did it on a zx9r an a zx12r lol

        Every one has a story.....


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          Just be aware of the fuel range of the bike you're taking, and allow for strong head winds.


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            longest gap last time was 180ks
            Every one has a story.....



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              Agreed. I can't think of any longer than 200kms. I think Perth to Exmouth has one.
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                pretty sure that longest gap was here in WA, Norseman to balladonia

                btw dont go low flying, cops are out there. also caiguna charges for camping (my first stop) where as 60k's down the road cockelbiddy doesn't charge lol
                Every one has a story.....



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                  Nah, Sandfire to Broome is about 300km.

                  We did Perth->Nullarbor Roadhouse day 1, then to Adelaide day 2.

                  Didn't speed generally, went for steady as she goes efficient time on the road instead. Busa and a BMW 1200 sport thingy.

                  But at 110 you do it on a 250 no worries, about 180 between stops unless (in a couple places) you try and squeeze two servos without stopping and you may push to 300km or so.
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                    I thought between Eucla and Ceduna was 370klms unless a new stop has been put in


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                      there has to be, i only get 250 tops to a tank on both the bikes i took over (didnt carry extra fuel at the time)
                      Every one has a story.....



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                        mmmmm ok will sus that out anyways


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                          Nullarbor Net - Travel Guide Australia
                          Some handy info here, can get some ripper headwinds that will play havoc with ya fuel range out there, both ways. Yalata roadhouse was still close last time through, after Nullabor roadhouse heading east so watch fuel there.


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                            I am an old fart and have now done Perth to Sydney and return once in a car and four times on a bike. The first bike trip was on a Yamaha XT500 which I rode around Australia 1.5 times [90,000kms in 2 years], I took the seat to an upholsterer and he turned it into a lounge seat. The other 3 trips were on Suzuki GSX1100's which were very comfortable.
                            It does not really matter what you ride as long as it is comfortable, particularly the seat and make sure your helmet fits like a finger in a bum or it will drive you crazy.
                            If taking this journey on in the summer 'TAKE DRINKING WATER WITH YOU' or you may perish. I invented my own camelback, a 9 litre canvas water bag strapped to werever it may fit, drill a hole in the lid and insert a length of plastic tube which you can poke under your helmet. Cool drinking water at all times, it is a life saver.
                            Fill the sump with the best synthetic oil you can buy and fit a decent touring tyre on the rear. Also do the obvious things like make sure the chain and sprockets, brake pads etc are fresh. A punture repair kit is also a must have as i have received a puncture in the middle of fuck no's were.
                            The greatest distance between fuel stops is Norseman - Balladonia which is 191km so you don't have to carry spare fuel.
                            I am contemplating doing it again at the end of the year, leaving on about the 18th of December.

                            Any questions, don't hesitate to ask as I have been doing this a long time!!!

                            Regards buelllord
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                              If you are not in a rush go down to Port Lincoln after Ceduna worth a look, You can also catch the Ferry across from Cowell to Wallaroo. Seasa Ferry . Just need to Check the times so you dont miss it. Cuts out a bit of the flat roads.