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  • 09 R1 "tracker"

    saw this on the r1-forum, done by Gregg's Customs in the US

    Just finished it for the Indy GP. It was unveiled at Yamaha's party for Kenny Roberts in the Indy Museum Friday Night. Full magazine features to follow. It's an '09 R1 that I turned into a flat track bike. The frame and swingarm are Nickel plated like the old Champion Framed trackers. I made the subframe from titanium, cut down the tank, custom radiator etc. etc. Too much work to list.

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      Needs pics or link.


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        damn... 1 sec


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          Pics are there..

          Interesting... I kinda like it


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            Click image for larger version

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            2006 Yamaha R1SP;
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              i get all red X's


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                need r1 forum login to see them

                Yamaha R1 Street Tracker from Gregg’s Customs

                You know what a Yamaha R1 is all about, high power, cutting edge technology for the track and even though it’s not unusual for the custom guys to stretch the swingarms and mount 300 rear tires, it’s a track weapon, through and through. Well, suppose the track you have in mind is a one mile dirt track, then what? Obviously you need to look elsewhere, you could start with a Harley Sportster like many do or maybe an old XS650, those are popular, but if you’re Gregg DesJardins, you take a closer look at that R1 and start removing parts to see what’s underneath.

                Gregg sent me some photos of his latest project, unveiled at the Indy Museum this past Friday to Kenny Roberts and Yamaha at the Yamaha Party. It’s a 2009 Yamaha R1 turned into a tracker. The tank has been cut down a lot, a new titanium subframe was fabricated, one of Gregg’s swingarms was installed, lots of handmade pieces were worked up and then it was given a high end paint job in the old Yamaha colors. The result, a one mile tracker with performance that will make you sit up and take notice.

                With R1 power and a sit up style, nice wide bars and light weight, a guy could go prowling around for one of those V-Twin style trackers and surprise ‘em. Overkill? Not at all, it’s just what you need for a little fun.

                Gregg says the bike is for sale, if someone is interested. He’s asking $40k but is willing to entertain serious offers.

                So what do you think? Could the R1 become another street tracker platform?


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                  fixed for everyone without r1-forum login...


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                    That looks pretty sweet. Some major modifications to that frame.


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                      Thats farkin cool, looks sweet as.
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                        It's nice to see "not another 300 rear tyre/stretched swinger" etc. The customisation that has gone into it is impressive. I dig it, looking nothing like an 09 R1 though


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                          I love it!

                          Oh for a spare $40k..
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                          Why be a cunt about it?


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                            Id say stock frame ... new subframe and one of Greggs single swingers.

                            Interesting look.
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                              Pimp. I really dig that.