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  • Yzf-r125?

    Just came back from a month in poland and while there I saw this bike almost every day on my way to krako'w.

    At first i saw it from across the road and thought it to be an r6 or a weird hybrid r1.
    then i got closer and saw its size

    I reckon it looks pretty good, miles better then the cbr125 and on par with most other 250's

    and for something different, this thing was cruising the square near one f the major shopping centres in krako'w

    the whole time i saw that thing, i expected it to bust out some futuristic weaponry and go sick

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    any pics?
    Every one has a story.....


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      sorry, justg edited my post...stupd me used the wrong links for the pics


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        sweet lookin bike, would have loved that on my r-e
        Every one has a story.....


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          About a year or 2 ago two wheels did an article on it. But it was never gonna come to australia. They have way more smaller bikes in europe. Even 50cc bikes that look like small sports bikes.
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            What is that Justus thing and what does it do?
            I assume its some kind of police monitor thing so they can sit behind a desk and eat donuts rather than stand around in public.


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              Oh man, that baby R1 - so much want... and at first I thought the Justus Box was a bomb-disposal unit or something...

              I'm guessing just mobile surveillance...
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                theres one at the Bike show today...


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                    and for the squiidds


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                      This bike is in australia i saw it at the show today.
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                        i saw this bike at yamaha joondalup yesterday..i had to look twice at first then realized it was a 125..
                        must say its a really good looking bike much better than the other brands on offer in the 125 class atm..
                        it looks like a r6 at passing glance..but further inspection reveals otherwise..
                        i wonder what the thing go,s like....still all pose and no power i guess..

                        im renaming this bike the.... R1.25.......heheh,sounds like a insulation batt rating eh

                        i reckon a 250 version would be a winner...


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                          Originally posted by Seznid View Post
                          What is that Justus thing and what does it do?
                          It dispenses Justusice.

                          You know the bike's an epic single cylinder 125, right? 11 ball tearing, tyre shredding kW. Then again... it is the prettiest of the current Rx series.
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                            This bike is in Melbourne too. gives it 79.5/100, in comparison, they give the Ninja 250r (or whatever it is supposed to be called in Aus) a 60.9/100. It has 11kw to the ninja's 24kw, but it has some 50 kilos less weight!

                            It also has a proper Deltabox frame as opposed to the 20 year old twin cradle on the 'ninja', decent brakes and suspension and much better looks.

                            If you are in the market for a learner legal bike in WA, and prepared to sacrifice some extra ponies for some style and handling - this is your bike.

                            (Of course, if you're doing you're year on a 250 on anything other than a bunky old crapbox you can run into the ground and throw away afterward you're wasting money, so skip this bike and go buy a $1500 gpx.)
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                              I'd prefer to spend almost half the price on a new cbr125.
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