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  • Thanks guys and girls

    I came by this afternoon with Suzan (in wheelchair) to say g'day, and on behalf of her and myself I want to say a big thanks.

    Especially big thanks to the guy who sold us the raffle tickets whose name I have forgotten, you made her day talking to her about her old 900.

    Also thanks to FastGirl, Dubs, Tyson and the other dude who sold me the shirt whose name I have also forgotten.

    And last thanks to someone else whose name I have forgotten (somewhat of a theme here, sorry), the lovely gal on the raffle bike whose birthday it was today and had a photo with Suzan.

    It was Suzan's birthday today, she started riding as a teenager and rode up to her early 50s when she became unwell. Soaking up the show was great for her, but especially being able to chat to a few of you.

    So once again, my thanks and hers for helping make the show a great day out for her.

    Thanks rharris and Laura!
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    Come back Jeremy, it was only a joke.

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    Warm Fuzzies..
    Riding - Living the dream...


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      glad to hear she had a good time mate! as did we all!
      Our Father, Who art at Phillip Island, Hallowed be thy name
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      As we forgive the four wheel drives, the volvos and the taxis
      And lead us not into gravel corners
      But deliver us from hand-held radars
      For thine is thy leather, thy denim, thy Gore-Tex and thy Kevlar


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        That would have been Richard our raffle ticket ninja seller who was talking to Suzan. I was keeping the cashbox safe behind him but it was god to see that she was enjoying herself


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          Was great to meet you both...and especially great to meet Suzan and see her smile at us giving you a ribbing over your choice of Glad to meet another PSB'er.
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          hahah I hate it when they do that and you make some noises like you had it done just last year, then they give you that look, like you are a bad vagina owner and you should take better care of it!


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            was nice to meet you both cheers richard