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  • Honda Transalp

    Spotted this bike at the show.. looks like it had travelled some k's.. Please excuse the photo quality, it's just a Blackberry mobile.
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    A couple more..
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      how much luggage space do you need?
      Every one has a story.....


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        The bike belongs to a fellow called Mattius (prob wrong spelling) whom I had the pleasure of chatting with nearly all day on friday. Fantastic bloke, and wanted to chat about everything he has experienced, had plenty of stories to tell about his travels.

        He left Switzerland 4 years ago and hasnt stopped since. He bought the bike for the equivalent of AU$4000 just before he left.

        It has been round the clock on the odometer 3 times!. In the 200,000ks hes done since leaving, the bike has never had a top end re-build. Just goes to prove you dont need an expensive bike to get the job done.

        Was a fantastic addition to our stand, created heaps of interest.

        Edit: Not to forget, with no support crew and all on a 600cc V-Twin