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Cloak Room, Lost and Found

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  • Cloak Room, Lost and Found

    Hi all. I think it was shan (?) who said I should post up.

    Basically I had some shirts chucked in with my gear at the cloak room and I wasn't able to retrieve them. The awesome volunteers plus myself had a look, but the place was simply full to the walls. Unfortunately I had to leave at that point, otherwise I would have just collected them at the end of the day.

    Please if they show up at the end of the day could I get a PM and I'll come retrieve them from whoever I can once I get some time again soon.

    While I can, big thumbs up to the volunteers whom I marshalled parking with (brown eyed girl, ryven, spuddy, atreides, you guys rock) and also to the volunteers in cloak room. You guys have a hard task and one hell of a workload.

    3 shirts are as follows.
    1 is T-shirt with 2 sewn-in collars, black shirt with white stripes
    2 is grey surf shirt with white random colouring. "ripped" like edges.
    3 is black / orange long sleeve. Bright orange sleeves you can spot a mile away.

    Cheers guys. Maybe this thread can double purpose is anyone else has a similar lost / found story.