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poor exibitor effort at the show

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  • poor exibitor effort at the show

    i would just like to say that other than psb all the other exibitors were poor honda didnt even bring any merchindice and im a honda supporter yamaha had no sales people ktm were arogant suzucki didnt help much 2 people running ducati and kawasaki were more interested in talking to eachother than helping customers i say boo to you but i had fun spent 3 hours at the psb stand and the girls were awsome

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    if u have any photos at all of the girls i dedicate this thread to them post anything and everything interms of photos from the psb stand


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      Go watch TV.....


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          Originally posted by troyboy94 View Post
          i would just like to say that other than psb all the other exibitors were poor

 could do better..?? contributed how...?

          you spent 3 hours...a lot of peeps gave up 3 long days to volunteer thier time at the show..
          WTF is the point in starting a thread just to sling crap at it..

          sure PSB had a great display going...but in case you havent heard
          theres a bit of a recession on...and there aint a lot of cash to throw
          around in the bike industry fact some poor peeps have been
          given the chop from thier jobs for this same reason..

          be thankful there was a show and forget the brown nosing....
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            go watch tv/? why


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              it wasn't THAT bad, it was just busy during peak today.


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                I think unfortunately after 3 days of it some of the exhibitors may have not had the same enthusiasm as some of the attendee's, which is expected.

                Aside from that they were still helpful and fairly outgoing while I was there, so I don't really understand where this is coming from.


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                  Focusing on the positive - the response to the show (crowd) was pretty impressive - this will help ensure more people invest in show-stands in the future. PSB are a hard act to follow, but that helps too.

                  It was a big improvement on teh last show, and there is room to improve more. Frankly i loved it.

                  Things to improve - lots of small exhibitors with swag you "just have to have"...

                  Main line stands from the manufacturers - with lots of accessories "you just have to have"... maybe aimed at the industry, but not forgetting the crowds too...

                  Next show - the MAD coffee stands - one in each corner maybe...

                  This was fuckin' brill - focus on the stuff that pleased you - not the shades of grey!


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                    I think that maybe with the curant economik downturn it might pruve a bit too ekspensive for a lot of the people to set up wen u concider that it is a stand the staff the merchidise that they have to pay for and then you get some illiterate ingrate complaining on an internet forum that it isnt good enough when it is the only thing we have in wa is it any wonder that they cant be bothered
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                      I feel I need to go into bat for some of the stands here.
                      The chap on the Honda stand was friendly and helpful (even holding bikes by the bars so you could sit on it with both feet on the pegs!)
                      BMW was likewise very friendly and seemed rather chuffed at the new demographic they were attracting.
                      I didn't get a negative, "I wish I was elsewhere" vibe from any of the displayers. And considering how crowded it was while I was there, that is some effort.
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                        i was dressed in my best bogan and they still jumped to my side to answer questions (it is quite obvious that I'm just drooling over the BMW, not a potential buyer yet still had the salesman approach for a chat)
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                          I think this years show was much better than it was 2 years ago, don't know about the numbers, but judging by how busy it was today I think it would be judged a success. PSB stand was the best by far, mainly because of custom bikes you don't get to go see everyday at a dealers and the psb people.
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                            Considering there were quite a few of the guys there that werent actually being paid to be there for the WHOLE 3 days/nights, I think it was quite good....

                            Maybe try talking to some of the people working there to understand why their stands might not have had what you were after before bagging them out!


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                              I enjoyed the fact that there weren't many workers there.. I enjoy not being disturbed .

                              I'm sure that if I had any questions they would be more than happy to answer.