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has the show changed your mind about your next bike?

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  • has the show changed your mind about your next bike?

    One of the great things about the show for me was being able to actually sit on the bikes that I have been drooling over, whilst still on my RE. It wouldn't be right i don't think to turn up at the dealers, knowing that I still have 9 plus months before my R class test.

    I had been looking at VT750C or VN900 when I upgrade, but for looks alone, I hadn't actually sat one either. But sitting on the M50 felt right. Also sitting on the GSX650 was good. I don't normally like the seating position of most road/sports bikes, I prefer the cruiser position. But the GSX 650 was so comfy. Could possibly tempt me away from cruisers???

    But then Honda are bringing out this next year: Honda VT1300CX Chopper

    Might have to start saving extra hard

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    I agree, it was good to be able to sit on the bikes (except for the Ducatis ). I like the feel and look of the new R1, as much as one can judge stationary. The big surprise for me was the 'blade though. It felt great, really light, good size. Never considered one before, I'm a bit of yammie nut and don't like many Hondas but that was enough to definitely put a 'blade on my list of potential future bikes
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      Yep... I have liked the r6 for a long time, I gotta admit after sitting on it... I hated the feel of it, the 2009 r1 felt much better, or the gsxr600/750. I know it isn't a test ride but it wasn't a good start for the r6.

      P.s it was the first time I had sat on another bike except my zzr or my friends TT250.


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        Didn't get a lot of chance to do much veiwing at the show as was helping out and shiz. But I sat on the Street Triple, and am now a huge fan. I also had a sit on the Daytona, seating position could break wrists, but I was talking to a guy about raising the bars... But... I dunno.


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          Still a couple weeks away from RE's, but I was dead set on getting a new GSXR1000 as my R Learner after a mate took me out on one.. Not sure now... That R1 did look sweet!

          Fuck that new BMW 1000 looks nice too... probably twice the price that the boss will let me spend.

          The blade didnt feel right when sitting on it... Maybe cos I'm a lanky bastard

          Not too fussed on kwaka's.. but there was a white one there which may have converted me. Got distracted by girls and forgot to check it out tho

          (please don't flame me for such a big jump in bikes... I've ridden bikes offroad for a while, and I have decent self control to hopefully not bin it)


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            got to sit on the s1000rr and im definitely now going to take one for a test ride when they get one in february
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              Yup, definitely made me think twice.

              Was considering the R6, but it didn't feel right and was also a bit tall for me. Felt better on the R1, but then it was very heavy (for what I'd be comfortable with).

              CBR1000 felt boring and I didn't like some of the aesthetics.

              GSXR 600/750 felt like a light girls big bike And I really didn't like the angle of the seat.

              I've been thinking that the FZ6N would be my next bike as I think I want to get away from sportsbikes and get a naked. It was definitely a win after sitting on it.


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                Was really hoping BMW would have a K1300R on show, but alas no... Still, nice to be able to bike hop un-accosted and definitely helped to rule some out.
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                  walking past the ktm stand and the 690 duke ? caught my eye , now i am thinking shall i or shall i


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                    Have always thought the VN900 custom would be my first big bike, but I'm reconsidering now. I very much like the look and feel of the ST1300. Although I'm a little scared about going from 250 to 1300.


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                      I was keen as for the new R1 but after sitting on it..didn't feel right

                      Found familiar territory sitting on the GSXRs. Discovered unexpected pleasantries sitting on the CBR1000RR. Would never have tried a Honda otherwise.

                      All in all, changed my outlook for sure in looking for a newer ride.

                      PS The new KTM and BMW sports bike offerings are pure horn


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                        I sat on lots and lots of bikes as i too have really only sat on my 250. Pleased to say (test ride pending) it confirmed to me that i should probably get the bike i thought i should get and want hmmm now if i could just make the next 8 mths go a bit quicker


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                          Good call, methinks, Rob.
                          VN900 is a mean looking machine, but I think the ST1300 will beat it by a country mile for comfort. Being able to take some of your weight through your legs will give you quite an extended range before you snap(Assuming you're going to use it for some distance runs).
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                            not my next bike, but I was very surprised with the differences in ergonomics between the R1 and the R6 :o


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                              I also enjoyed the opportunity to go sit on bikes. I was surprised that most of the 600s were still nice and small, and didn't feel that heavy to stand up on and swish around (though you'll probably feel it more when you're moving). Hell, the new blade felt really light as well. Didn't get to sit on the R6, and the Daytona was a bit taller than the rest (but I'm still leaning toward a 600 anyway).
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