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  • PSB Members Motorcycle Exotica.......

    After the show on the weekend, it got me started thinking on exactly what different people have in their sheds that can be considered motorcycle exotica.....

    To avoid any confusion, let me define this further. Limited production motorcycles that come out from a factory with a "Number 124 of 1500" stamped on the frame, a plaque or something else...... Not bikes with open ended factory runs or the generic "Limited Edition" such as the Black Kawasaki ZX10R with flames.......

    So, lets the posting begin. Let me start by adding a couple from the PSB Stand on the weekend which, coincidentally, are both owned by Deej........

    The bikes people, the bikes!!!!!!

    photo's very kindly provided by Jamathi......
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    Not quite D16RR level, but still a limited production run.
    Number 0847, this bike was designed for homologation to WSS specs.
    Ohlins suspension, carbon (stressed member) airbox, slipper clutch, light "R" spec Marchesini rims, 996R brakes and shower injectors as standard it put out 104 RWHP.
    Mine has 996 barrels and heads, heads ported to corse spec, high lift cams with large valves.
    It breathes in through 60mm throttle bodies, and out through a 54mm Termignoni Ti full system.
    Lightened crank and flywheel, Ti I beam conrods and short skirt slipper pistons.
    It also has a corse 4 post slipper clutch and larger clutch master cylinder.
    This engine used to be Wayne and Todd Pattersons drag engine before being bought and put into duty at Wannerroo. Currently putting out ~148 RWHP.
    When she runs.

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      This thread will get awesome quickly
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        If only the bank would give me a loan....


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          Paging Turbo...

          I have the 'other' SP in WA.
          2006 Yamaha R1SP;
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            999R is on its way...

            Wheres Rod?????