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  • Yamaha FZ6S

    Anyone out here in bike world have this model or the naked version ?

    Like to know what you think as i think that after my year is up i would want this bike ?

    Please no sqabbles over what is better or worse just genuine responses !!!

    Thanks in advance

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    or Squabbles


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      Hello and welcum.

      Have you passed your RE yet mate?



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        Theres quite a few of FZ riders on here, both the naked and semi faired Fazer model.
        The Fazer has been my first big bike after obtaining my first open license.
        Have a few pages saved away here from when I was doing some research on the bike before I bought it. See links at the end.

        I ride almost everyday, and commute a fair distance, the fazer has been perfect for this as the riding position is very relaxed and upright with almost no weight on your wrists. The bike turns in very easily in the corners and is a breeze to ride. Much easier then almost every other bike I've ridden. Honda VFR 750 being the only exception.
        The mirrors are awesome, just showing a hint of elbow, and remain pretty vibration free up till about 160.

        Take a read of these reviews, videos, unfortunately I don't have all of them saved away. if you want some more information, come down to one of the Learner newbie rides in the "in the loop" section, believe theres one on this Thursday. I can show you around the bike and tell you more about the pros and cons then. Just look for the Fazer with the 4 exhausts.


        Total Motorcycle Website - 2005 Yamaha FZ6
        Comparison: Yamaha FZ6 Fazer 2005 vs Kawasaki ZX-6R Ninja 1999

        FZ6 Forum
        Yamaha FZ6 Forum Community

        U-tube videos:
        [ame=]YouTube - YAMAHA FZ6[/ame]
        [ame=]YouTube - LASER X-TREME EXHAUST vs ORIGINAL on FZ6 Fazer S2[/ame]
        [ame=]YouTube - Fazer Life (Yamaha FZS 600)[/ame]
        [ame=]YouTube - Yamaha Fazer 600 ... extreme[/ame]
        [ame=]YouTube - Yamaha Fazer 600 weekend tour[/ame]


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          Originally posted by betamax View Post
          Hello and welcum.

          Have you passed your RE yet mate?

          What's this got to do with it Beta? Is it "Be condecending to new guys" day?

          Great info Wedge awesome reply.

          There are two questions in life.
          1:Which way do I go
          2:Whats the lap record.


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            Originally posted by Red Rider View Post
            What's this got to do with it Beta? Is it "Be condecending to new guys" day?
            There's only so much research one should expect others to do for them when they're a full year off purchase, and will likely ask the same question of about 16 other bikes over the course of said year.
            Insert witty comment here


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              yeah i have the naked version and i love it. it handles great, gets good k's from and does sweet wheelies and stoppies.
              I love it and im not even thinking of getting anything bigger altho my riding buddies all ride 1000's.
              and its comfey.

              they look sweet too.



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                Yeah thanks for the reply guys
                No i have not got my RE licence but will in a few weeks . So i will be just riding my CBF250 during the year. But you got to have goals in your life and i am aiming for this bike. I have sat on alot of bikes and it just feels right for me. Whether this bike is still going in 1 year ? Well that remains to be seen i guess .


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                  Thanks Wedge for your reply and effort


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                    you can always get a 2nd hand one. most of them are like new. if not go for the new gen of these bikes.


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                      I am going to post some info about myself in the Welcome section as it seems i am classified as useless coz i dont have a licence lolol


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                        Wedge really nailed it there. I also owned a semi faired one as my first bike, 2006 model and had it from brand new. Was living in Brisbane at the time and used the bike for commuting also. The bike loved to be taken out the back of Mt Glorious and Mt Nebo and opened up and was always extremely user friendly and great in traffic. Had mine for almost 2 years.

                        I have heard that the newer models are a step up completely though but that could be hearsay so check them all out and do some research about it.

                        They would have made some adjustments since then obviously so not sure how the new model would stack up but here are the failings (as small as they are) that i found with that model.

                        Seat was quite hard and vibrations came through to give you a sore arse after a while that you don't experience with a gel seat so much.

                        Bridgestone BT14's that were on it as stock were pretty average tyres if you wanted to go for spirited squirts but great if touring or commuting.

                        Would I buy one again or recommend someone get one? Definitely!

                        2 brothers pipes and leo vince pipes sound awesome on them too.
                        Men have motorcycles while women have menstrual cycles, you can't talk to either while they are on it. The women's also has a sound, it goes nag-na-nag-nag-nag, biiiiiitch-bitch-biiiiiiiitch!