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  • Emergency Detail Cards

    A Rider friend of mine in South Aust brought to my attention a Local Product that riders in Adelaide are starting to promote.
    Instead of trying to explain in detail a product i've only just seen myself, here is the site. ICEcards

    An Aussie product developed by riders for riders
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    looks like a good product for sure
    Every one has a story.....


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      I tried to get something like this started a while back.
      We all know the crew we ride with but how well. Some of us we know each other by a handle and what bike we ride (thats about it) some others we know better.
      But in My case I dont know how many know how to get in touch in case of an emergency with my family.
      I have A ICE number in my phone (my Bro) but some times when you crash your phone is wrecked.
      The Ice card sounds like a good idea


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        ICE cards/numbers are good but im happy to just keep using dogtags, ur phone can get wreaked, and wallet lost, but tags stay around ur neck


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          Surely you could hack together something in MS Paint and print it out for $0.25?

          Am I missing some part of this that is worth $25?


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            Originally posted by lowkey View Post
            Surely you could hack together something in MS Paint and print it out for $0.25?

            Am I missing some part of this that is worth $25?
            Other than the fact its not paper. You should be able to make your own and get it laminated for maybe a few dollars.

            I was impressed myself that someone had gone to the trouble to make them and thought it was worth my support. I don't know who it is offering the product, and the link was sent to me by a rider friend who works for the Ambulance dept, and she has a definate reason as both a rider and am ambo to promote what is obviously a good idea.

            But do make one, as it IS a good idea. And while your at it knit yourself some socks, its cheaper.
            Being an Australian is not an excuse for being dumb and racist.


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              I got some dog tags mad up. They cost me about $30 from memory and I wear them full time. They have my name, age, DOB, blood type, ICE information, Allergies and medical history (i.e. asthma etc).

              I can find out a proper price and organize to get some thing made up for anyone who wants some thing similar if you like.

              Heres a pic for you:-

              The Chain Starts out silver and goes that bronzy color over time. I have tried a few different types of chain but this on seems to be the best.

              They are printed font and back and I think they would last longer than a computer print out.


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                Pretty sure my dri-rider has a panel in it for shit like blood type and emergency contact details.

                ideally should be a standard thing on riding jackets I would think. no card to forget, no phone to break, etc.

                of course it relies on you wearing your gear, but.... thats another tangent...
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                  I've had a piece of laminated paper in my wallet for the last 2-3yrs now with "in case of emergency" and contact numbers.


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                    Yehh... Carry multiple ICE numbers in my phone. Just in case one is unavailable.
                    Also carry details in behind my liscence... hopefully if they go to check who i am, they would notice theres something there with it...

                    I've got the spot to place details in my jacket aswell, however havent gotten around to doing that...
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