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    Does anyone know of anyone in WA that does offroad/adventure bike training?

    I mean more bmw GS stuff than trailbikes

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    Get a good 4WD tracks book. If you are looking for easy fireroad type stuff, that will be a good bet.

    If you aren't doing gnarly singletrack stuff, just go out with a couple mates with similar skill levels and take it easy. It doesn't get tough until you try the more advanced stuff that a GS won't be able to do.
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      If you're looking for stuff like how Simon Pavey teaches the boys in Long Way Round, I don't think there's anything quite of that nature here...

      Don't know your exact situation, are you completely new to offroad? have a dirtbike yet? If not, I can recommend Westcoast Trailbike Safaris, they run a beginners' Introduction tour every so often, where the trails are nice and easy, expert supervision and instruction is provided and you can hire a bike from them.

      That's trailbike kind of stuff, but I would say it all still applies. Time on the bike is what's required, so you can get the hang of sliding and slipping around in the dirt. Better to learn that on something lighter so you don't bust a gut when you have to pick it up...
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        Trailbikes, I know, but might still be worth a call

        Training School

        Darren 9572 1253, 0412033189

        Beginners welcome
        in Gidgy or surrounds from memory