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Honda Shadow - help required (NVM - case closed)

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  • Honda Shadow - help required (NVM - case closed)

    Nevermind, good ol' Google came up with the goods

    Hello there,

    I have a friend here at work who's just bought himself a Honda shadow, and he's having a problem with it. I have another friend who is a bike mechanic and used to own one but I can't get in touch with him! So I'm hoping someone here can help. This is the problem:

    1997 Honda Vt750c Shadow. No idea which position is what on the fuel petcock. Can’t figure it out by running it as im having a lot of issue starting it and think the issue may be in direct relation to having no idea where the switch needs to be.

    Ran it home on the up position after the dealer started it. After being advised by a friend that down was on I couldn’t start it after leaving it in the down position for a while. After leaving it for 5 minutes in the horizontal position it started up fine. Was left in the down position overnight and wouldn’t start this morning. Didn’t have time to fiddle with it as I had to get to work. Any information would be great so I can figure out if im just doing something stupid to cause the issue or whether I can discount the petcock idea and look for other issues.
    Please let me know if you need any extra information, thank you.
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