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Hi :) And in a bit of a dilemma...

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  • Hi :) And in a bit of a dilemma...

    Hi guys (and girls)

    Popping by to say hello. Im Monika, 25, and just got my L's (Yay). I live in Cronulla in Sydney so bit of a surf-head hehe. I've been reading a lot on this thread lately and you guys seem to be a pretty cool and laid back bunch. I do need to ask for some opinions though

    After searching for about 2 months, I want a sporty bike as my first. Im really keen on either the Ninja 250 or the Aprila RS125. Theyr both sexy bikes and the RS125 reminds me of a dirt bike my friends & i used to ride = FUN

    So i have about $7-8000 to spend. I have some guy friends who think the RS125 is more fun, and they know some mechanics who can service the bike. Ppl say the RS125 is more maintenance. Got a job so thats ok, but i guess since im probably going to upgrade when i get my full license after 1 year, what would you recommend? I do like the Ninja and the style is cool too. I guess im just trying to find the most fun bike while restricted, because i have my heart set on a Ducati or Yamaha R6 when i get my full license

    Thanks guys for reading and look forward to your response ^_^

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    Re: Hi And in a bit of a dilemma...

    Hi and welcome, you say the rs125 reminds you of a dirtbike...have you thought about the possibilty of a wr250x (motard)? Would be alot of fun and worth keeping even when you upgrade.
    Its so small


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      Would agree with the RS125 probably being the more fun option, especially around city and also more involved for everyday running.
      If you plan on getting out onto the open country roads then i'd probably rather the Ninja 250 than the 125 screaming it's tits off.
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        Hi lo1ux. Thing is i want something that looks sporty with fairings for now. I would LOOOVE a motard as a second bike.. I fell in love with my mates R6, and so my affair with sportbikes started. Because i also want to get used to the sporty position when i get my full license and upgrade to a better bike. I picked the Ninja 250 and the RS125 as they seem to have a good reputation, reliable and gorgeous all in the one package!


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          Hi and welcome!

          If you like the look of those 2 bikes and want something small you can always check out the Yammi "R125".

          They had one of these at the latest Perth Bike show and they look freaking awesome! According to the Yammi dealer they should be on the market in a month or 2. Just worth a mention.
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            Thanks for the suggestion Optic. I think i did see this on websites before. To be honest i would have to see the bike first and test ride. I can be a bit impatient, and you all know what happens when a girl wants something now hehe. I will consider it if the price is good!


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              If used to own an rs125 what a fantastic bike! RS wud b the bike to get if u were planning on a few trackdays or spirited group rides while on ur restricted license. Ninja wud b less maintenance and easier to learn on.

              At the end of the day its gota b which ever bike puts the biggest smile on ur face.
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                Two strokes are bad m'kay


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                  If you want a sports bike, go the RS125.

                  Without ragging on them too much, the Ninja 250s are more of an imitation sports bike than an actual sports bike, with non adjustable suspension, high rise handlebars, a motor designed in the 80s, and an upright seating position. On the plus side, they are virtually bulletproof and look sporty (aside from those handlebars... sorry cannot stand them).

                  I'm not sure if the RS125 has adjustable suspension (i'd imagine so?), but it does have a true sports riding position, a more powerful engine, it's much lighter, and has clip on handlebars.

                  Having said that, I'm not sure if they restrict the power output of the 2 stroke 125s under the LAMS scheme..


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                    I think you would look good on this monika, Lams approved.
                    Test rode one the other day for a friend.

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                      [email protected] The Saint. If you must know a girl always (tries) gets what she wants, so maybe u should ask your mrs pictures I doubt it but I'll c how I feel later lol

                      That Suzuki would look prettier with fairings but I'd say that looks pretty nice. I think a naked bike just isn't what I'm after though but thx hun.
                      Yep for some reason I feel more in control of a bike when I'm leaning forward position so hence why. I also wanted to buy a bike to piss off my ex-boyfriend because apparently girl riding is a "turnoff"??!!


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                        So why the two accounts?
                        Originally posted by Melkor
                        The Saint is all over the answer like a Saint on a cupcake.


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                          I would go the RS125 unless you commute on motorways, provided you don't mind the regular maintenance.


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                            I also wanted to buy a bike to piss off my ex-boyfriend because apparently girl riding is a "turnoff"??!!
                            Good to see you're into it for the right reasons...


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                              Lol two accounts.
                              FEADCinc, PSB?