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Helmet Decals/Stickers?

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  • Helmet Decals/Stickers?

    I'm looking for a new helmet and have been trying on heaps around town(Albany) but have only found one that fits me well for a price that I like.
    A Shoei XR 1000 for only $499! One only and in black. I really wanted something a bit more colorful but the price is too good to pass up.
    My question is can you buy stickers/decals specifically for helmets? If so, where? I quite like the R&D design of an RJAYS helmet...

    but wasn't happy with the fit on my head.
    I once heard that its not a good idea to stick stickers to helmets because the glue can react with it and cause probs. Is this true or just a load of crap?

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    It depends (I believe) on whether the glue contains any solvents that could dissolve the shell, and what the shell is made of.

    I don't have any scientific knowledge on the subject, but I, personally, would feel comfortable with sticking decals on mine (if I wanted to).
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      I thought some of the patterns were decals just painted over with some sort of clear coat?

      My fiberglass helmet looks that way. Not to mention I had some glued badges/stickers on it that I pulled off after I brought it so there must be some sort of adhesives that don't react.

      No idea how you would tell the difference?
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