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  • driving the nurburgring

    me and a few mates are planning a euro trip next year and we want to do the nurburgring
    has anyone here done it before?
    were thinking of hiring a car for the track but not sure if you can

    any info about it would be sweet
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    you get into trouble if you take a hire car on the nurburgring.

    I think they have cars you can hire there for the purpose of going round though. Or so i've heard
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      3 words: BMW ring taxi.
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        What time of year are you thinking of going? I'll be heading over there myself with some workmates, and fellow psb lurkers, around June-ish. We're gonna either hire some bikes or buy some and ride around Europe for a month or so and the Nurburgring is one of the definite stops. I'm assuming you won't get in trouble for taking a hire car on the track per se, but if anything happens, your insurance will be void. If you find any sites in German, PM me, I'd be happy to translate for you.


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          from all reports there are people that lurk watching the track dobbing in people that take hire cars on the ring, you can hire out fitted ring cars

          Stolen from Antilag

          Been meaning to share with you and write this for sometime now. Some of you may know, I went to Europe a few months ago, and more importantly paid a visit to the holy grail of all race tracks... the ring!

          Words cannot easily describe the awesomeness of this experience. I've done a total of 6 laps, which together with a break took about 2 hours. Was such a constant adrenaline rush, if I didn't have to eat, sleep, shag and shit I could be there doing it forever I reckon!

          Originally I was planning on getting an M3, but ended up getting a 325i instead, which I reckon was a good choice for a first timer. Still managed to pull in excess of 200 km/h on the long straights, but the extra power in an M3 would probably get me into trouble lol! The beemer I hired was stock, other than a modified suspension (specially tuned just for the ring), upgraded brakes (those haven't faded for four laps straight), and a roll cage/buckets/harness etc. She handled really well, wow! Car got a really good thrashing though as you'd expect, revs didn't drop below 4K rpm often.

          For any first timer who ever considers going there, I fully recommend an instructor to go there with you. Basically he will drive another car in front of you, while you follow his racing line, and speed (he wasn't a miss daisy luckily lol!). The instructor I had, Christopher (last name escapes me) has done about 3000 laps on the ring so far, so he knows the track really well. He works for a local performance driving academy, and has personally instructed such racing identities as Carlos Seinz etc. He's really good! Knows his shit. We've had radio contact, and was telling me what's coming up next, or what to do, how to take next corner, or even telling me to move out of the way of an incoming aston martin lol! His knowledge was very handy, because some turns look exactly the same on entry, but since they are blind corners, you can't see the exit. While one you can safely do 160, the other you can only do 50. Don't know how true it is, but he said quite a few people actually die on the track every week, which doesn't surprise me to be honest. If you don't know the track, you won't have as much fun, as you'll be going too slow out of fear it could be one of the tight turns,a dn then get disappointed; or the other way around, and crash and die lol! At least with instructor you get to go all the way as fast as you can, without worrying about crashing due to not knowing the track. That instructor was 250 euros well spent

          When I first turned up at the rental place, it looked like a small farm almost. Couple of barns here and there spec. you'd never guess what was inside. One of the barns was full of sweet cars, M3's, various Porkas incl GT3's, 315i's and of course a few other lesser spec cars like Golfs, Sciroccos etc. Wow! Nice and shiny too. Did the paperwork (8K euro excess on the beemer, 50K euro excess on the GT3 btw lol!). Got a briefing with the instructor, and off we went.

          Track entry was about a 5 minutes drive from the rental place. I went there on a tuesday, as best days to go are weekdays. Hardly any people, only one or two cars queueing up in front of you to enter the track (20 second wait), as opposed to +300 meter queues on the weekends just to enter the place, and lesser chance of an accident. Mind you, it is only open for around 2 hours on the weekdays, but since there is no queues, and remote chance of track closure due to accidents, it will be plenty of time. I managed to squeeze all 6 laps, with one break between 2nd and 3rd lap.

          My first thoughts were rather mixed. I just signed something which says I gotta fork out AU$16K excess if I crash (plus AU$30K for track closure) so initially there was a bit of a concern, what if... it would end up farken pricey! So I took it rather easy on the first lap. Towards the end of the first lap, all concerns were gone! My god! With every lap I gained more confidence. Even started remembering some turns. The car handled brilliantly! I guess it takes time to get used to a new car, but towards the end, I trusted it completely and drove it more agressively. I've played video games featuring the ring, but it was nothing like it! Games can't convey the physical aspects of the track, the bumps, or the G-forces... There was one turn which was a long straight, with a slight bend to the left. Just before the turn started, there was a dip, which for a short moment at speed makes you feel weightless. Right afterwards was the bend up a hill. So while you feel weighless one second, the next you feel real heavy. The faster you go, the more you feel it. Then there were the two banked turns. Those were fun also!

          Unfortuantely video cameras are banned in the cars. I had a mate with me as a passenger who had a normal still photo camera, so got hinm to take pics. Unfortunately it wasn't possible to take shots of all the good cars overtaking me, as by the time I saw them in the rearview mirror and let him know to take a picture, it was too late. Nevertheless, here are some of the shots. Funny thing, the last four laps, towards the end, he was very close to puking haha.


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            were looking end of april to may

            nice find burito.
            looks like it prbly cost that guy about 400 euro or so (im thinking 150 euro for the car)
            not cheap but eh, its the nurburgring
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     could be in debt for a very very very long time if it goes badly! Sheeeeeeeet! 8k Euro here, $16k here, $30k there...damn!


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                check out a website :: Speed Matters there's a wealth of info on there about the ring
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                  yeah. u crash and ur not gonna get a whole of change out of 50k i think
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                    Would be one hell of an experience...just dont crash!


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                      im definitely going go for a lap as a passenger with a pro driver at full speed
                      just debating on whether or not to hire a car and drive myself
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                        PM me and I'll put you in touch with my son. He's a contributor for Car Advice and I know he's driven all sorts of supercars in Europe including the Veyron. He might know a bit about what goes but I'm sure it ain't as easy as just turn up and drive.

                        Edit: I believe Karl turned up to drive on the track and BMW had hired it for the day so everyone else got booted off. No prior warning, so check that possibility out too!
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                          a mate is over there right now and heading to the Octoberfest as well. He did not prebook a car and could only order a Suzuki swift. hahahhaha

                          He's going the beemer track taxi. His recommendation was not to use a non track hire car as there are severe penalties if you are busted.
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                            Nurburgring car hire


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                              You can turn up the ring, pay your cash and drive. However, there is only one place you can rent right hand drive cars for ring use...

                              Home of 'ring rentals and instruction

                              All of the local car hire companies are hip to people who get normal rental cars and 'ring them. Avis will have no hesitation about stinging you €2,000 for a new set of brakes and tyres if they suspect you have 'ringed their Golf TDI.

                              I've done it quite a few times on the bike as it is only a couple of hours from me. During the summer I sometimes "work from home" and zip over there for a crafty couple of mid week laps.

                              EDIT: I think what I would do if I were coming from Australia is buy a shitter in London (too hard to buy and register bikes or cars in France, Germany or Belgium) like a CBR600 steelie or similar, ride it to the 'ring (can do this in one day easily), stay one night in a gasthaus, do the ring the next day then (if I survived) ride the bike back to London and sell it for about what I paid for it.

                              Usual caveats apply. It's nothing like it is in a videogame and it's obviously fucking dangerous. I've been going there 7 years and and in that time I've had one mate killed, one paralysed from the chest down and one lost a leg. German hospitals are good though...
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