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pattos new drag bike

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  • pattos new drag bike

    I have just moved back down to bunbury and my bike is due for a service so i dropped in to Pattos to see if they can do the service but unfortunely no time because Todd is to busy working on a new drag bike.

    Its going to be a twin turbo 749 and they are hoping to get over 250hp out of it. Full carbon fibre bodywork and billet swingarm.

    Just thought you'd like to know, searched to see if it was up before but no hits came back.
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    There is a thread somewhere with pics or a link to pics...


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      You moved back?????
      WHAT FOR?????????? You got out! Why go back?????

      I heard about that bike not long ago. The boys from CIC mentioned it. JME and myself will have to have a squiz when we're down there getting the bikes dyno'd.
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          the engine is up in perth getting worked on its just the frame and fairings down here.

          moved back cause ran out of work up there and paying rent up there and mortgage down here was starting to hurt a little bit.

          plus closer to the twisty stuff down here

          cheer s for the link rich
          Guns don't kill people, people with moustaches kill people.